First Steps - Part 4

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In the second postflop video Benido focuses on advanced concepts for flop, turn and river. He represents ideas like raising the flop for freecard and value, the famous odds & outs and finishes the video with a river play game that explains the differences between valuebet, bluffbet and bluffinduce and when to use them.


Beginner First Steps series Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • Benido


    Hope this vid helps you guys :)
  • ukcoolcat


    the phrase is actually 'in the long run', not 'on the long run'.
  • gadget51


    Just what was required, thank you. I forget which lines to use and when, so this will be my reference. :)
  • Benido


    #2: thanks!

    #3: try to understand the concepts behind the lines and you wont have any problem - cause in that case you just pick the right concept and not a "learned line for situation A / B / C" ;)
  • Rokgg


    this owns:D ty Benido
  • Benido


    yw rokgg :)
  • Oly0909


    Great work till now Benido. I think that stats and reads are not so important for first few limits, but you're the coach ;-)
    What I would really like to see more than announced 5th video is you playing on $0.10/$0.20 and explainig all of your postflop play refering to this video or maybe in some cases video 3 to get a better idea of it and maybe understand how to think in different situations.
  • Benido


    Hey Oly!

    I know the stats-thing isnt that important, I actually played 2/4 SH without stats :D

    Ill try to do a FL-FR (live or session review?) on 10c/20c if you guys wanna see this :)


  • Eco024


    As a fan of your videos in Spanish I like the most the live sessions :)
  • brydon10


    Great video, it's going to take me some time to learn to calculate all these odds/pot odds
  • bondovac


    Nice video Benido! Tnx
  • pigreco13


    Hola Benido. Muy buen vídeo, como todos los de esta serie. Una pregunta. ¿Vas a hacer la versión traducida al español de las partes 4 y 5? Un saludo.