Dealing with limpers at the table - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $8/$16 - $10/$20
  • Shorthanded
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In his second video johnnyrocket1 played a session on Stars and Full Tilt, 8/16 and 10/20 and focuses on how to exploit limpers at the table.


Dealing with limpers at the table FullTilt PokerStars

Comments (22)

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  • CBFunk


  • mackween


    перевод пожалуйста
  • AcesBreaker


    something wrong with the video
  • Waiboy


    #1 Not for me. Nice vid ty! Thanks for running terribly for our benefit. :P
  • BorisL


    будет на следующей неделе.
  • KittenKaboodle


  • bibersuperstar


    very nice vid
  • Darkzzz


    I can't see your stacksize
  • johnnyrocket1


    o I block stack size as all it does for me is affect gameplay, I prefer to not know exact amounts up or down, yeah this is probably the worst run you'll ever see in a video produced for a site.
  • johnnyrocket1


    thank you
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    11:30 KK

    first of all: are you calling KK as default here after his 3-bet? Your cappingrange is not so tight here I think, so he won't b able to put you on a monster after you cap preflop.

    Or do you mix it, sometimes calling, sometimes capping in this spot?

    like in your first video, I miss a concrete explanation why you raise the Flop here.

    I don't understand your play with your reaction to Villains 3-bet.
    If I raised the Flop here, I would do it because of the following reasons:

    1. if Villain often checks the Turn after your Flopcall
    2. to INDUCE a Flop-3-bet to play call Flop raise Turn.

    I think in the 3-bettet Pot, Villain will seldom check on the Turn.

    And if he 3-bets I think you're still ahead very often so you can play call Flop raise Turn.
    He doesn't believe that AA-TT is in your range as he will think that you cap these hands preflop, so if he has AJ, KJs, QQ he will always 3-bet the Flop. These are 20 combos.

    you are behind against AA, JJ, TT, 77. These are 15 combos.

    Or do you think, he will lead the Turn with all his hands after your cap on the flop?

    Against all hands like AK, AQ, A9s, A8s you will gain 0,5 BB more with playing call Flop raise Turn, if he bets them on the Turn.

    I think both lines are viable, but can you explain when you prefer to give action on the Flop and when you delay it on the Turn?

    It would be nice, if you can focus on this topic in one of your next videos.
  • Nani74


    the play and the mindset reminds of my tiltsessions, i dont like the vid, and the obv. tiltcalldowns.
  • cash4mebg


    Extremely useful video, it helped me a lot about adjusting players and stuff. I would be happy to see other videos from johnyrocket1. Keep up the good work.
  • trzcinek


    great video, though I'm already playing a bit lower.
    1 question about A6 i 45th min, what about raise/call and raise turn with that trips (ofc if T doesnt come up)? Would that line be better than just raise/cap?
  • johnnyrocket1


    thanks cash and trz

    trz, yeah that line is fine, basically i'm trying to figure out the way to maximize my value, i may not get it right but i am trying, over time the people that can figure out the best course of actions to maximize the money do the best, each hand that is what i'm trying to do, that may have worked better and i definitely like that line as well, i'm just trying to figure out on the fly which yields the highest return
  • johnnyrocket1


    sorry nani, which call downs were atrocious?
  • johnnyrocket1



    with KK i am not balancing, i am doing whatever i think will yield the highest return at the time for the most part, if i decide to cap it's because i'd think i'd make more that way, i raised the flop because i thought it was the best line to induce more action and to gain the best understanding of his hand range

    villains range is super narrow when he 3bets from BB here, if it was wider i love your line and i still think your line is probably slightly best, they dont see the non cap as not a big hand, people understand that these days, but it certainly narrows my perceived range some, not sure how much though
  • eSGe


    2:00 QJo why are you calling 2BB in caped 3 handed pot, what range do you calling and what folding,( what A-high off are you stil calling there)??
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Johnnyrocket :) There are some questions and related comments from Russian community:

    1) 27:50 Calldown with K9 against 'thebgates' - Can we find a tough fold on the river?

    2) What about your table selecting? What do you take into account? What tables are good for you? Do you use any table-finding software?

    3) A topic to discuss: we'd like to see a video on check/raising (flop & turn) while playing with a wider ranges, e.g. when protecting the blinds (out of position, no initiative).
  • johnnyrocket1


    sorry for the long away guys, esge

    I am typically calling hands here that play well postflop, QJ is one of them, a hand like A7 has such bad implied odds that I would be folding that hand. Either way, it is not going to show a large profit and it is fine to just preflop.
  • johnnyrocket1



    1) Yes we can find a fold, I haven't played with him enough so if the decision is close I will tend to push it to a call to gain more information

    2)I table select when in downswings more, and when I am playing well I try to challenge myself and just join games when I want to play

    3)I will definitely make videos on this, thanks for the advice!
  • inevity


    Почему Джони говорит, что слабая игра на 01:00 с чек-кол флоп, чек-рейз терн? На первый взгляд собирается неплохое велью: рука фактически выиграна с флопа и на низкой карте терна почему бы не сыграть чек терн. И вообще зачем делать рейзы на флопе, чтобы показать силу руки на дешевой улице? Не выгодней ли использовать линию чек-кол чек-рейз терн вне позиции для баланса. Тем более что противник(ДжониРокет) достаточно агрессивен, чтобы бояться ответного чека после трибета флопа.