SNG $3 Session Review part II

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  • $3
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  • jasty2k


    You say that opponents are really loose on this limit ( they call all in with QTo easely with 10BB )
    But you push with A6o when you have 7BB or 8BB

    And as soon as you got 5BB, you all in with any 2, like 35o or J4o

    And then you got called by a bad hand, but still way better than 35o.

    Is this really EV+ ?
  • jasty2k


    Sorry i forgot a word in 3rd sentence.
    It is :

    But you DONT push with A6o when you have 7BB
  • SecurityDrew


    Thanks for the video. I wonder why you are not using the SAGE in the heads up portion of the end game?
  • Spidey1978


    Really good again Nick. Lots of ideas I didn't know about from just reading the articles. Gonna watch again then I'm sure I'll have some questions for the forum.
  • MikeAK47


    What on earth are you talking about jasty2k? He was playing standard ICM strategy, pushing all in with any two ON THE SMALL BLIND, when it's folded to you with less that 5 is always +EV.
  • Mastamind


    totally agree with mikeak47
  • colinsaces


    very good video, can see that the aggresive style as apposed to playing tight is more proffitable in the later stages
  • AussieIan


    good's helped plug some leaks in my game, my bankroll on another site has gone from $50 to $135 in the meantime!!
  • mouse89


  • SadisticNature


    I don't see how one big blind changes things so radically that you can be pushing any two with 5BB and then in the same position folding A6 with 6. Also if an opponent sees you pushing 100% of that situation QTO is a decent call.

    I think some of your passes against an opponent who was betting close to 100% of their hands on the button was sketchy. You said in that situation you needed him to be playing 80% of his hands, but based on the history to that point its very hard to believe he isn't.
  • Dirdybou


    Great video :)
  • Shaba79


    he had 8BB on the SB and the button has already raised.

    Calling a raise or pushing into an unentered pot is ahuge defference.
  • voegelator


    very nice vid
  • slnpiranha


    Very good video, best play for lower limits
  • Comsb


    Thx for the vids. Especially betsizing in middle stage and icm adaptation to looser players were helpfull tips.

    Is there a reason why you only raise 3 times the bb in early stages (in stead of 4 as the strategy says)?

  • kan00


    Towards the end when you were going to fold into the money but got AA and went all in, what range would you call all in there with? 1010+ or tighter or looser?

    Great video
  • Takeiteazy


    kan00 QQ+ probably, but AK fold.

    Nice vid :)
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • osc389


    nice video, thank you
  • Angelface21


    #2 depends! nothing is standard I would say!
  • kimela83


    hi everyone and good luck
  • Bonifacius


    Nice video. I like how you explain your play