Crushing NL50 - Part 7

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In part 7 hasenbraten focuses on semi-bluffs and deception and also on how to play against specific opponents.


Beginner Crushing NL50 hand history review series Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • xyhtakabaka


    49:37 :D как прокачать такой скилл чтобы забирать поты на шд со 2 парой у топпары?
  • DeMarcohsp


    Set value, bluff value, not willing to fold value. Nice one

    Appreciate the work.
  • PJohnson


    it doesn't work...
  • Brookeet


    33:30 sytuacja ze słownika nie wiem po co to poruszać tematy sie wyczerpały ? generalnie nic ciekawego artykuł do bani
  • pieter007


    How can the AJ hand win vs the AK hand @ 49.37 when he has pair of kings and the tag only a pair of jacks? :s
  • JazBenz


    lol I think they made a mistake with the AJ vs AK
  • LGrant


    Hi there,

    My apologies for the mistake.

    Kind regards

  • CBFunk


    Hi guys,

    you are absolutely right. In the AJ vs AK hand the calling station should win the pot with his top pair.

    Sorry for that little mistake, apart from that I hope you liked the video
  • K1llingKing


    I'll do
  • K1llingKing


    Everytime i call 2nd pair down vs a maniac,they`ll top or bottom 2pair ...
    BTW da money is going to the wrong person(to da looser) ;-)
  • Rockynok


    Hello there,
    Nice video and sound. Love the maniac vs. calling station play.
    Your apologies is accepted Lisa.
  • ShadowCasino


    Set value, bluff value, not willing to fold value.

    I recognize that mindset xD
  • JazBenz


    Is part 8 missing?