$55 MTT - Part 5

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Fullring
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JonathanLittle reviews a $55 MTT he played at PokerStars.


$55 MTT PokerStars series Session Review

Comments (16)

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  • CBFunk


  • Kartoffan


    запихать в ЛАГА AJ даже будучи шортом это точно сомнительно.Я так часто вылетаю даже с АК
  • lsunsk


    love series hope 2 see more

  • GutsForSale


    Смысл сообщения?)) АК сбрасывать или что? AJ оч хорошо стоит против лагового диапозона, почему нет то?))
  • Jacklighter


    Отличный видос, как всегда, от этого автора. Это самые информативные видео как МТТ, да и по покеру вообще наверное на всем сайте. Просто обожаю наблюдать за его игрой!
  • trumaxim


    Картофан сбрасывает все до АА, оставляет себе 50 чипов и залетает на них))) lol
  • linocana


    on pourrait l avoir en francais!
  • GutsForSale


    согласен) автор супер)
    400 очков до платины и вперёд смотреть монстр сессию!!!!))
  • Paddy4


    11.July 2010 PokerStars Sunday Million
    1. Ty "puffinmypurp" Reiman - $228,150
  • suppenkaspar


    how du you think about a 4bet shove at min 19?
    both guys have wide ranges and you have decent hand and really good risk reward ratio.
    but maybe you have have a little bit too less chips for that move - i dont know
  • JonathanLittle


    #4, I am unsure the hand you are talking about.
  • youxirensheng


  • 1TuPaHu3AxTy6uHcKa


    имхо ))) все четко))) respect аффтору, но восьмерки я бы сбрасывал(принемая во внимание весь комплекс причин)
  • Gangstahhh


    The AK hand on 9:00, I do really like a flat call here, just because you have the guy Lehout behind you, the guy that reraised you like 5 times on the previous table. And some stacks who are pretty big, and now the concept of a squeeze, and than you can push over them and create a bunch of chips without a showdown, if you repop the UTG raiser you are getting it in against a pretty good range, so you prob have like 55% with your AK, and if someone reraises he makes it like 245k, and you shove, you can get around 375k without a showdown
  • Gangstahhh


    And probably know the concept of a squeeze*
  • Gangstahhh


    I don't really know where it was but I saw you 4bet shove a 5-Ks, and I liked it but now on 14:00 the spot is also very good, just because he reraised you earlier, and you are new to the table and there are some people who tend to repop every time when a new guy enters a table, and theres is so much money out there, and you still have a lot of FE, because you make a EP raise, and get a 37 BB all in, so I like a shove there

    And on 36:00, I think you can not really reshove also because he makes it so big, I think his range is AQ AK 99 1010 and JJ, and almost no FE. and not so much bluffs