Getting started on SnGs - Part 1

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In this 2 part series chenny8888 helps you to get started in SnGs and plays $3,4 SnGs on PokerStars.


Beginner Getting started on SnGs PokerStars Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • gedwashere91


    Nice video Chenny.
    Push/fold stage was interesting, I think I may be pushing a little too tight from CO in my games.

    Cheers :)
  • svelgen


    great that we have another SNG video, thanks chenny
  • Toti1989


    i like it :)
    on the same high level like your coachings :)
  • antoniocalado


    very nice video...hope to seen more really soon. I am huge sgns fan.
  • kiromanAAKK


    Hi Coach, nice video (as always :)) thank you for it! Just a question; in the last hand on the second table where u hold KJo, would u do the some move (attack to the HBLs) because your low stack if u have a stats saying that one of the players have a low "fold/limp" or if you got a note about one of the player limp at this blinds with hands like AK? Thanks once again. You are a legend! :)
  • sadakro


    Well, I am also a very tight player, following the rules you've shown in this tutorial, but we both know most of the times the good cards will just not come at all and the blinds will "eat" you after you only play maximum 5 interesting hands over one hour. What would you do in such a situation?
  • jbpatzer


    'The now obsolete short stack strategy'? I think not!
  • PhantomR32


    In one of the first hands you get AA and on the river where you obviously have the best hand you shove your remaining 900 chips into a t1240 pot. Why? Wouldn't it be possible to get some extra value from a smaller bet?
  • luventaz


    Very pretty! Nice Video! I like it very much! I think i learned a lot... Go on! Take care!
  • mustodont


    why only two tables? not so many situations ):
  • gedavaca


    well with the things i have learn i didn't steal the blinds from the BB and worst with a hand like KJo and the stakes of the oponents are like the double of your so i don't think that was the best move, was nice that they fold, isn't the history was another... i think so
  • Rockynok


    Nice video Chenny.
    Looking for part 2
  • rex99


    It's only with me, or the video isn't ok? I can't see the tables.
  • chenny8888


    @gedavaca: dead money! It's awesome. Seriously though, to determine how often someone will fold you have to look at their actions, how much more they have to call etc. Just because I have half his stacksize doesn't mean much at all

    @PhantomR32: With that stacksize behind I feel if he has anything he will call the shove almost as often as a 600 bet. So by shoving I maximise value in the longrun.

    @sadakro: when you get to push/fold you don't necessarily need good hands. If you haven't spewed off too many chips in the early stages you still have a good chance of making it ITM
  • Monarc2010


    thank you very much! Great video! Opened my eyes to big mistakes i was making!
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Chenny8888 :) There are some questions for you from Russian community:

    "(03:08) You say that we play tight and bet when we have a good hand. Then you give an example with KQ on "J-9-something" board (03:40). And:

    1) Is it really tight when we raise preflop with KQ? What about our position? What is the safe and profitable way of playing this hand early in a tournament?
    2) Can we c-bet such a flop for value?
    3) What can we possibly represent with our c-bet on such a board?"
  • chenny8888


    Interesting spot. with KQ I'd probably openraise CO or BU at most blind levels or isolate 1 limper. Then depending on how many players and my position, I will almost always bet a J9x board provided it's not monochrome or something as we almost always have great equity with KQ on this type of board even when called (even vs AJ we're doing very well equity wise). It's not a bet for value though as our KQ high is rarely good.

    As for representing hands, I don't believe that's too important in a SNG vs the types of opponents we generally face, and if I had to say what hands in particular we're repping, it'd have to be "overpairs" :P.
  • Darkheart80


    la minutul 19: raise K,K with 2.5 BB. I disagree. We give the possibility of BB to call us with any two cards.And in many cases we lose our strong hands against straights or color or even two pairs. I think an increase of 3 or 3.5 BB is more appropriate.
  • MrJack321


    Nice solid strategy, also very interesting that your tip of noting the Multi-tablers (something i don't yet do) was backed up with the last hand, where you read into his SB limp as extras weak due to him multitabling

    ...I shall now start noting!
  • JJBBSaggy


    Sick how tight.. KJ from SB not raised etc
  • IloveShenja


    Nice video ! One question: you folded A5o UTG with 8 BB (@ 23:00), with which range you would push in this situation ?
    Thanks !
  • thomasson88


    very good video, it gave me already some good advice. i wonder what will happen in part 2. i am gonna watch it right now
  • Navrark


    I didn't like that Push with KJ either. These Turkeys pull that "limp a good" hand bologna far too often.

    They even limp in the SB with AA! Then you hit Top Pair with an OESD and you get reraised all-in and miss your draw! Happens to me all the time, LOL!

    Personally I would have checked there and seen what the Flop brings. If you miss the Flop then you will be glad you didn't push.

    My logic of late has been not to push over a limper unless I have a hand that is on the "Steal Reraise" chart. Well, unless I am really desperate...
  • AltarEgo


    Awesome stuff! I really like the expanations - two tables= easy to keep track of the plays.
    Nicely illustrated SNg strategy - really opened my eyes to mistakes I thought opponents were making, when it was often my own bad play/lack of knowledge.
  • Laci24


    Really nice vid! Thank you!
  • rossd152


    Bet slower,more likely to happen when you bluff.V-bet river 400ish, Ace...action killer