Early Bustouts - Part 1

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JonathanLittle focuses on some of his early bustouts in a couple of tournaments.


Early Bustouts hand history review thematic video

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  • CBFunk


  • Dadosch


    Systemfehler :-O
  • PaulPhoenixMorphy


  • Dougles


    yes 2#
  • Dougles


    ok now it works
  • garyk5846


    What is your bankroll to be playing 100 dollar rebuy tournaments
  • aciddrop


    @#1 His bankroll is fine.

    Jonathan, I like this. It most likely reflects a very common experience, card dead, dominated, bad spot after bad spot, and your comment regarding feeling depressed even during the replay is good for us ordinary players to hear. Don't mind this video at all.

    Love the winning videos as well.
  • Gladi3


    finds cool dass endlich mal ein video reviewed wurde wo es nicht so gut läuft... die 10s waren ein guter fold find ich. QQ am Anfang hätt ich auf jedn Fall einmal gecallt... und mit den 9s am ende bin ich mir nicht sicher ob das ein call ist.. er müsste da ein bisschen mehr als AQo bis 99 shippen, ich glaub das machen die da nicht...

    ansonsten wie immer geiles vid von dir jonathan
  • Gladi3


    raise auf 250 mit 99 und fold find ich besser. klärt mich auf wenn das bullshit ist...
  • MatejM47


    Well on PokerStars you can check the auto-rebuy and addon option. I just noticed it yesterday. I think its good since i also always forget to addon :)
  • JonathanLittle


    I just learned about the autorebuy/add on from my friends this week. Back to the rebuy events I guess. I suggest everyone keep something like 100 buyins for mtts. Assuming a normal $100r is around 4 buyins, 40k.
  • Spockomatic


    Gutes Thema,mal die BEtrachtung von einer anderen Seite...
  • CBFunk


    Hey guys, please post your comments in English so Jonathan can understand everything and answer to it
  • Rolo23


    i like the idea of making such a video very much
  • deco99


    i think i paused and saw on 1 video(maybe mixed major tournament) from jonathan, br on stars over $40k FT $15k :D and he said he withdrawed big before that :D :D he is big sharky ;)