Microstakes Maniac - Part 1

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  • $10
  • Fullring
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ge5sterne sat down across four tables of NL10 FR on FullTilt Poker and tried out a rather loose approach to these games. In this sessionreview he will analyze his play and in how far the style worked in or against his favour.


FullTilt Microstakes Maniac Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • MrMardyBum


    Great Video, but it stopped at 36:19 and won't play further. :)
  • Saren113


    A maniac video! Will be intresting to watch =)
  • Fistor


    errr, picture-quality is actually really bad :(
  • ever220


    зависло на 36:19
  • CBFunk


    dont know why it stops after 36:19, will forward to our IT. Hope they can fix it asap
  • Flushstraightjack


    You're the 1 Ge5sterne thanx for all
  • coolgamer


    10.02 - непонятно, зачем ставить бет в двоих с фриплея, имея в запасе 0% эквити и не имея плана действий на дальнейшие улицы
  • qnb07


    nice video. played till the end fine.
    you going to make a micro video on NL10 6Max as well??
    also, any particular reason your pre-flop raise is 3xBB?
    seems most other people on the tables played 4xBB??
  • CBFunk


    IT fixed it, should work fine now
  • Sentel


    #2 Автор утверждает, что у него очень много фолд эквити против лимпованого спектра оппов.
  • ge5sterne


    I can do some NL10 6max if you guys want to see that. Just let me know what you want to see next in this series :)

    My standard openraise-size is 3BB in most positions. In my regular games I openraise 2.5xx from the BU and often 3.5x from UTG in 6max and from early position in FR. I believe 3BB is a good compromise of getting value preflop and stealing cheaply. Of course I deviate my raisesize in regards to tabledynamics (presence of the fish in the blinds -> maybe raise bigger etc.). But on NL10 it might be more profitbale to openraise to 4BB as a standard because your opponents tend to call to much although they are bad postflop -> more value for you
  • grodle


    9:00 - "A" would give u a straight 5 high :D its not A high :P
  • andybandy008


    yes really that sux

    the conntent is great but the picture quality

    quality check!?!?!
  • K1llingKing


    Nice Vid !!
  • madnkl


    I think that NL10 6max video with your aggro style would be just splendid :)
  • musabasjoo


    Would really like to see a 6max vid!
  • CBFunk


    Hi guys, uploaded the video in original resolution. If anyone has problems watching the video please post in the comments.
  • CBFunk


    Hi guys, uploaded the video in original resolution. If anyone has problems watching the video please post in the comments.
  • sanchezarca


    Hi, can anyone tell me what software is he using to see the stats of other players?

    NIce vid btw
  • Z0R1T0


    Holdem manager
  • K1llingKing


    War schon ne sch... Quality, aber jetzt ist s gut
  • shanshichi


    ge5sterne need more Microstakes Maniac!
    maybe some rush too ! :)


    Why has someone who is already good at poker got software that makes him even better does'nt seem fair to me. If i was to play with him just meens he gets more money out of me. Is this wot we call amateur player. What next software to see the flop before ur oppenents....
  • psydreamer


    Hold'em manager doesn't make u better at poker it's just give u stats,
    u still have to know what to do with this stats
  • antonio47211


    king, this whole world is unfair, didn't you notice? Some are born in nice places, others - in crap holes, ones are movie stars, others are cashiers at supermarket. Stop your whinning and grow up a bit!
  • ameisenmann


    Schönes Video, das gut zeigt, das man auch auf den Micros mit Aggressivität weiter kommen kann, was aber imo ausschließlich Deinen guten Erklärungen und Erfahrung zuschulde kommt. Spielern, die grade erst aufsteigen (so wie mir) kann man eine solche Spielweise kaum empfehlen. Vor allem nicht beim Multitabling (6+ Tische)Du hattest auch keine toughen Spots, wo Du vor einer wirklichen Decision standest.

    Dann noch was zu 27:00:
    -OR aus UTG mit AJo
    Hat sicher nicht die schlechteste Playability, weil wir vs. Setminer leicht unser TP folden können. Dennoch mag ich es hier nicht, weil Leute gerne AQ, AK IP callen und uns dominieren. Auch können wir weniger Turn barreln, weil es offsuited ist und wir nie semibluffen können, wenn uns am Flop ein PP callt.
    Ich mag die cbet hier zudem nicht gegen 2 Spieler. Der 2. coldcaller is unknown und wird hier 88 selten folden. Wir haben zwar 2 Backdoors und können am Turn viel repräsentieren, aber oop vs. unknown finde ich es sehr close.
    An sich gegen Regs finde ich den Spielzug sehr interessant mit Deinen Begründungen.

    Die 66-Hand, die parallel ablief, gefiel mir auch sehr gut, mit der Donk den schlechten Fisch zu isolieren und thin value zu betten. Die Bet am Turn gefiel mir auch gut. Auch wenn er hier wenig callt, gibt es, will ich ihm nicht die free card auf sowas wie QJ geben und dann am River mit der Donk konfrontiert weden.

    -KJo call vs. steal.
    Ich finde schon, dass wir am Flop ausreichend FE gegen Ace High haben. Viele spielen hier einfach c/f, weil sie zum Großteil PPs in Deiner Range sehen und denken, Du callst hier jedes PP mind. ein mal und dass sie kein Bock haben, mit A-High am Turn zu barreln. Die wenigsten Regs spielen hier oop c/c mit A-High. Entweder machen sie die cb und danach c/f oder c/f ab Flop.

    Ich würde mir weitere Fullring Videos auf NL5-NL25 wünschen. Shorthanded wäre auch ok, da ich grade umsteige. Aber lieber FR, da gibs wenig aktuelles Material für Bronze ;)
  • fusionpk


    cool vid, would defo like to see SH version of this vid, thanks (Y)
  • Omarhawk


    Das Video ist total verrauscht. Braucht man einen speziellen Codec, um es sich anzuschauen?
  • CBFunk



    schau mal bitte in folgenden Thread rein:

  • ToxicAce


    Haha "Kill You" als Ringtone :)
  • duchart


    cant watch screen flickers green and once in a while shows an outline of the tables you are playing.

    but unfortunately i can not watch.

    i will check back again another day.
  • Jochenha


    More videos like this! pls!
    12/10 sucks ;)
  • Orko1


    lol@ "the one weak player isildur1"
  • alenstrat


    Thank you, great video! Would like to see more. I appreciate your deep analysis of table dynamics, etc, which I think is absent in most videos of these stakes.
  • blackops888


    Great video series. Could you make a 6-max NL10 video on... PokerStars? I think it would be nice to see a SH video on PS, especially because of the difference of competition we find on PS in relation to FT.
  • mirari88


    Nice video. Tnx ge5sterne :)

    Can you make a NL25 FR video with similar lose-aggressive style?
  • calldark


    screen is fuzzy and green cant watch at all :( Part 2 seems fine
  • ok1234ok


    Please add NL10 6max !
  • dariusgeorgel


    Best dude i've seen here so far. Nice play, nice talking, diction, everything. Keep it up. Thanks
  • uberchilly


    can we somehow download this video ?


    Excellent video, clear voice and great analysis of stats and table dynamics. I disagreed with a few of your moves (especially opening AJo UTG every time) but the one move you thought was a mistake I actually loved (the raise with A66, repping the straight or boat to get the opponent off hands that were beating us, which I think make up the vast majority of his range when he makes this river value/block bet)
  • WSOPoker90


    I'm wondering if you are using a program such as table scanner to find your fishy tables? I looked into it and I wanted to ask if spending roughly $70 on it would be a good investment.
  • EuanM


    ge5sterne, very helpful video. You offer a lot of hands at low stakes with nice explainations, keep it coming.
  • iNspiRe


    hey there, ge5sterne. Here is one question from russian community:

    We c-bet flop and hit our ace on turn. We put value bet OOP and what should we do on river? Just can't get it.

    Appriciate any assistance
  • ge5sterne


    @45: I would just valuebet the river as well. Villian is very unlikely to have us beat if he doesn't raise any street and is most likely to have some sort of Bluffcatcher (1-Pair worse than ours). He will probably check all of these hands back if we check to him on the River. But if we barrel Turn and River he might think that we are bluffing the Ace. Especially if the Backdoor-Heart draw misses, Villian may think that he might be good with his TT.

    I don't see any alternative play. Checking the River after it goes Bet/Call, Bet/Call on that boardtexture will rarely induce any bluffs. If you have a read that Villian is capable of turning a Made-Hand with SD-Value into a bluff, c/c the River might become an option. But as a deafult I just Bet Turn and River, because people love to herocall ;)
  • MancaMulas


    great video, thx ge5stern
  • ilovemagic


    good fold with the AK.