Five Star General - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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ge5sterne continues his Leakfinder series with a new student and higher stakes. He returns with German community member Bordito and together they review a session of four tables NL100 SH on PokerStars.


Five Star General PokerStars series User Session Review

Comments (7)

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  • busulette666


  • MrMardyBum


    Enjoying your video's more and more each one I watch. I've just changed to SH play and this was very helpful. Thanks :)
  • paradoxpoker


    i can definatly say tehre are a lot of huge winners who 5betshove the hell out of those pussy 4betters
    just for your information
  • Echoes88


    Hi! Great video! Could you tell me pls what the name of the chip and card theme are you currently use in this video, and where I can find it.
  • Bordito


    I buy all my layouts at They have pretty nice stuff there, the only disadvantage is that u have to pay for it ;)
  • Hansshi


    min. 38
  • tiego69


    about the 67s against small donk blocking bet by fish, i did have the same situation today with a fish of same kinda stack, like 70bb, i hadn't seen the video before, but i did raise the turn to charge his draws and he called, then checked 'hero called' my shove on a blank river with third pair on the board. i know it doesn't mean it will allways be the case i just mean it happens so have to be carefull...