Low Stakes MTTs - Part 3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $12 - $109
  • Fullring
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chenny8888 played $12 and $36 180man Multi Table SnGs and the $109 Freezeout Scoop event and analyzes his play.


Low Stakes MTTs PokerStars series Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • 89mc


    Wäre sicher in besserer Qualitet interresant, aber so bekomme ich ja augenkrebs.
  • UreMoneyisinDanger


    enjoying bei der quali wird nen bisschen schwierig :)
  • jbpatzer


    Did you record this at lower resolution than part 2? Looks a bit blurry. Maybe it's jut my eyes.

    Also, thought about complaining when you went off on a tangent and started talking about your UTG opening range for cash games but decided that, on balance, it was more interesting than distracting. The video would also be improved by having the sound of you stacking chips in the background, particularly if they all fell down at regular intervals.

    Looking forward to part 4.
  • mjsa111


    wtf is this ...?

    should be possible to make them in way better quality!
  • chenny8888


    Oops. will review settings for next time.. no idea why it's so blurry
  • imgoingtomirage


    Nice series, waiting for more :].
  • Devinco


    whats wrong with the resolution?
    everything seems fine to me. o.O

    anyways, nice video!
  • sntf


    Большая просьба перевести видео.Заранее спасибо сотрудникам сайта.
  • vincentkel


    Hi Chenny8888 I wonder what is your screen name on this video (just to see your OPR :)
  • vincentkel


    Oh i forgot, what is the HUD what you use i your video is it the pokerstrategy one (Elephant)???
  • jass1960



    About 30 minutes in you have AJ fl AT2 and you both checked the flop and the turn(K). What would you have done in that spot if he had bet the flop as opposed to checking?


  • chenny8888


    @26 minutes in the 3bet pot, I would call a donkbet and take it from there. There's little point in raising. We can evaluate our hand on the turn
  • rupucis2


    Is there a part4?
  • chenny8888


    i will return to this series in time rupucis2. The footage is still there but I haven't had time to make the part4 video yet.