Blind Battles in MTTs

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In this hand history review Jonathan Little focuses on blind vs blind situations.


Blind Battles in MTTs hand history review thematic video

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  • CBFunk


  • UreMoneyisinDanger


  • Kaitz20


    really good video. Very useful to players who doesn´t shove/call enough from blinds. Interesting about bu vs blinds or sb vs blinds that people are shoving nowadays 20bb smt like KT/22 that they don´t want to b/f or b/c so AT+ is basically nuts most times :D
  • JonathanLittle


    Some people push for WAY too many bbs because they dont want to have to fold a decently strong hand postflop. In the Bike WPT this week, Gboro pushed 25bbs with 77 from mp in a spot where raisecalling vs the lags and raisefolding vs the nits is much better. Simply put, just because pushing a hand may be slightly +EV doesnt mean it is the most +EV play.
  • Shiney


    Nice! Thanx for the blindbattle Content
  • HenrikX


    Thanks for another great video! Really enjoyed it. Especially the math calculations.

    There's just one spot I think I would have played differently. That's the T7s hand from SB 3.30.

    Given that we're 100BB deep, there's really not much value in stealing the blinds here. And T7s could cause us some problems postflop, especially since we're playing OOP.

    I tend to play rather tight in these stages of the tournaments, and alot looser later on (where I hopefully have some edge given ICM and so on).

    Any thoughts on this?
  • JonathanLittle


    There is certainly no problem playing tight from the small blind early in a tournament. I think T7s is just a little too strong to fold.
  • Gangstahhh


    32:30, they call much more than 10%, you see a lot of people call with a-5 or k-10
  • vidrata


    Excellent video!
  • Dzy


    Hey, very good vid. There is a problem with your calculations around 8:50 though, you seem to have forgotten to put a .65 before the 18000, I think? I'm not sure if you only put it wrong on notepad or you actually calculated it wrong though, just pointing it out. I really enjoy your vids!