SnG $22 Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22
  • Fullring
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Session Review

Comments (29)

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  • Christoph904


    first :)
  • JimmyPap


    Great Session review!
    Very good analysis of any marginal or tough decision, and the use of HUD stats along with a bit of sngwiz and ICMtrainer are a great addition to the review. I'm really looking forward to more such reviews since I found it VERY educational and will sure make me a bit more agressive player :)

    Thank you very much Unam.
  • FishermansFriend


    nice vid
  • Grimzor


    Very nice video, enjoyed it a lot. Thanks.
  • helemaalnicks


    nice vid, sir. Dont like the Q3o push, something to talk about during coaching maybe. Anyway, nice watch.
  • Chriss1980


    Very good vid. Enjoyed it a lot!!!
  • Flopper8


    Good Stuff Unam,
    Vierree AgreeEssive :)
    More please...
  • vidrata


    Very nice video. Thanks
  • SecurityDrew


    thank you for the video. I found it very good. I find the explanation of the pushes in the mid game very with the high blinds very educational.
  • kovimre


    Ennyire bugyuta játékot! Ha ide köt ki az online poker, akkor én még az előtt szeretnék kiszállni. A table asztalok, még nagyjából jók, nade ez a speed...
  • Bertol1


    ho postato del feedback, quando puoi me lo commenti zuk?
  • guiguistar


    good one
  • viewer88


    excellent video, nice moves :)
    Gutsy move restealing with A2; nice read :)
  • Mortaby


    nice video !
  • mouse89


  • allurchips


    love the q-3 shove.wouldnt have done it before.infact i dont think iv been shoving enough in general so thanks.really enjoyed it
  • mungavin



    Well you certainly DO THINK about the game and situation thouroughly.

    However you do seem to put all players into the same financial mindset as yourself.

    The extremes are ... players with little cash and millionaries messing about.

    players with money to burn dont give a flying fuk about your mechanically correct style of thinking.

    While cashless probebly play to tight.

    So my question to you is how long can you give your time and energy to guessing all this bullsheet that might never be the reality.


  • looserbaby79


    one of the BEST VIDEO for me
    deffinitely 5/5
    Great job mrs Unam thx and another pls
  • lessthanthreee


    more more!!! one of the best videos for this limit
  • txfoyochipz


    Nice vid!! Thanx for it.
    1 question about ace rag pushes when blinds are 100/200.
    Is it really profitable to push these when you still have a decent stack of say 1900. I fold them quite regularly because I will be dominated when called and I feel like its better to wait for a better spot. Should I push these more often??
  • keffjeff


    Great videos, good analysis and the extra 30min didnt bore me!

    More videos would be great.
  • Joakim


    Glad you like our videos. We got really good people atm. working on lots of interesting stuff.
  • optimusprine


    Very nice video)))
  • a55a5in4ever


    66 vs the JQ hand i really do not believe he will fold worst hands in that spot ...
  • BigAl123456


    very nice video...very entertaining good stuff...
  • Gex222


    It has been recorded with a potato or with a sock
  • Bonifacius


    Nice video. I like how you explain your play
  • Apenshin


    Nice one. Loved the session, well presented and look forward to seeing more soon.