opabumbi Live - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4
  • Shorthanded
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In his new series opabumbi plays live sessions from 2/4 up 10/20. Starting at 2/4 at roomPoker.


Live Video opabumbi Live series

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  • CBFunk


  • wahnfried


    Es gibt doch Taschentücher!

    Sowas proletenhaftes, echt ekelhaft und eine Zumutung dieses dauernde Hochziehen.
  • wahnfried


    Und das ps.com das nicht peinlich ist, sowas online zu stellen - da kann der Inhalt noch so gut sein.
  • Shadow208


    to all
    where I can download skin from this video?
  • opabumbi


    #4 do you mean my tablelayout? if so, add me in skype plz. i think i saved it somewhere on my harddrive.
    i have no idea where i downloaded it originally ;)
  • taavi1337


    Hi! Nice video, lots of interesting spots.

    You seem to overrate your opponents' skills a bit, though. As you said, this is 2/4 and people play pretty bad. That valuebet on doublepaired board with AK was a mistake imo, he has some pairs in his range and won't necessarily call you with King high. Also the spot where you c/r the turn with 65s against a big fish - bad idea to try to bluff the huge calling station.

    Haha, I sound like a badass FL judge.

    I liked the flop raise with K8 against a donkbet from the fish in 3way pot. And there where lots of nice spots on the turn, your explanations where really helpful.

    About the 3bet ip in heads-up pots. During these 5k hands I have played 2/4 and 3/6, this has always been for value. I think that people don't free card 3bet any more that often. I play on Full Tilt, so this might be different.

    40-minute-videos are totally fine, it could be even less, like 30-40 minutes.
  • klz03


    Very nice video! Can you play next time on Poker Stars? This is more popular site and ther is so many stupid fish and weak regulars. You can show US how to beat them.

    PS I am from Poland and i also make video's for PS but i only recording micro up to 1/2$ :)

    PS 2 KJo from the beginning of the sesion... in 1/2 $ is easly fold to me, but on 2/4 it looks like ok.
  • MimiTiger


    nice one! I like to have 50-60 min. vids, with detailed comments as given in this vid.