Getting started on SnGs - Part 2

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  • $3
  • Fullring
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In this 2 part series chenny8888 helps you to get started in SnGs and plays $3,4 SnGs on PokerStars.


Beginner Getting started on SnGs PokerStars Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • jackii1234


  • goldchess


    pretty sick how well some 'fish' play these days, even on $3.40s :-(
  • Rockynok


    nice video
  • thepassenger1


    nice vid.

    what would u have done if villain checks to us (min. 11:20)???
    i hate these spots, because if we cbet and villain calls or raises we are very short, but if we dont cbet we loose equity...
  • Saka000


    I think that with his strategy for push fold he cant win in long run...
  • chenny8888


    @Saka000: lol

    @thepassenger1: continuation bet most likely. something like 400-450
  • heelia


    Pot odds call against random hand, even against estimated hand range, wouldn't this one be better to call? it's better than 2:1 and we suppose his button pushing range is almost any two cards? thanks for reply
  • heelia


    K7o is not enough good to call with offered odds? against sb range (almost any2) thanks
  • itwillturnm8


    At the left table at 9 th minute you forward and when drag table back there are completely different players with you at the table.Was not this single table tournament?
  • itwillturnm8


    shoving T4 and folding AQ vs minraise?
  • igori85


    А перевод будет???
  • PhantomR32


    @Saka000: so you would recommend waiting for AA and getting blinded out, right? Good luck at the tables.
  • PhantomR32


    @chenny: the 77 on the button at 13:04, I personally wouldn't have pushed to gain 600 chips, especially since you have 15BB. Wouldn't a 3BB raise or even limp and then re-evaluate on the flop have been a better line to take?
  • botox


    thanks a bunch! very good video and I like your first language english :-)

    I loled @ "Mr. Cat/the kitten" :-D
  • thcidale


    @14 its easy to say when you already saw his card AKs. But i agree with you too, the fact that he was in the bubble he probably could have only raised pf .. Sometimes push/fold only about the mat isnt that wrong ... even with 77 ..
  • thcidale


    why push with 77 against another bigstack and not push with AQ ?... the situation on AQ your perceived range its more strong ...
  • kucinho


    @17 pushing and calling a push is two different things. :) Calling with AQ on the bubble is not really profitable ...
  • b1zz


    @18 he wouldnt be calling with AQo though, but shoving overa a minraise.
    I sort of overplay Aq in these spots and run into AKs or high pocket pairs.
    the 77 was shove as the limper utg can not call that. Again they think they're trapping with hands like AK/AJ although tis a drawing hand.
    pretty nice vid btw, pushing loose is good, but you should have some info on the players, depending on how often they call for it to be profitable.
  • xfar


    english is my first language, even though it might not seem like it :D
  • chenny8888


    @8,9: Folded hand 1 because we are still fairly risk averse vs our opponent there and also we have fold equity with our stack so pushing first in is going to serve better. Folded hand 2 even though it's a clear +$EV call because we can push the next few hands for a bigger +$EV as our opponents have to fold very often.

    Pushing 77 for 15bb there is quite standard, raising and playing a board with overcards isn't particularly appealing, especially when our raise + continuation bet nearly always commits us anyway!
  • MrIndependent


    Thx for the video series.

    This made clear to me that I can still push much looser than I did till now. Unfortunally you don't learn specifical spots like these by reading artikels.

    Great job.
  • worm5


    04:45 - A7 What other hands would you push with?
  • Thew0nders


    Am I the only one who noticed @ 35:08 :p ?
  • slyta


    min 18:34 why dont push KTo ?
  • o0ehsan0o


    idiot player
    all in with all hand looooool:))
    you need more practice poker:)
  • Skraggy


    love the 'pornbits' at the end in your browser history lol
  • Deadbillis


    Cheers chenny gonna get some ICM Training in.
  • Guthans


    #27 haha, just noticed aswell.
    Took a 1½ page of notes, lol.
  • Jackalof


    to #26. Die in a lard fire.

    77 shove is a mistake
  • lordoog


    thanks for the video
  • HPzot


    Thanks for the vid, very unlucky session though.