Building reads using a HUD

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skolsuper plays a live session on PokerStars at the NL100 SH tables and tries to build reads using the HUD.


Building reads using a HUD Live Video PokerStars

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  • CBFunk


  • Dublimax


    Like the way you explain your thinking. Interesting, looking forward to the 2nd part.
  • beNjilicious


    it's maybe kinda bad to make a 'HUD using' vid, without having a significant samplesize.
    but if there are enough parts it could be quite interessting to have a look at the development...
  • skolsuper


    Hi beNjilicious, I completely agree that in this first video the HUD is not much use, but I thought it would be just as helpful to discuss which stats are NOT useful for a given sample size as it is to talk about which stats are useful. I did want to talk more about when reads from stats gradually become more reliable and also what other ways you can get a read (such as from chat) but I kind of got caught up in discussing the hands. I will try harder to stay focused in part 2. Thanks for watching anyway.
  • Bew4reOfn4p


    for the future, it would be helpful, espescially for the non-native speakers, if you could speak a bit more clearly ;)
  • pkpok38


    It would be great If somebody could translate It.
    But anyway, great video...
  • AcidAngel21


  • sylwusia


    Cool vid, when we can expect next one?
  • Topmodel57


    lol germans
  • CBFunk


    skolsuper also created a feedback thread, check it out:
  • darkod80


    imo this belongs in beginers section ,deffo not in gold,cmon stats based on 20,30 hands,big waste of time
  • Tim64


    "Americans tend to be better poker players". Not gerneralising, then ;)
  • themagpiespg


    Good vid just 1 thing could you use four colour deck in your next 1 please it will make it easier to see the suits.