Microstakes Maniac - Part 2

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  • $10
  • Shorthanded
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ge5sterne sat down across four tables of NL10 SH on FullTilt Poker and tried out a rather loose approach to these games.


FullTilt Live Video Microstakes Maniac

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  • CBFunk


  • Play4forlife


    Just watched the first ten minutes and I guess it would be better to play less tables if you want to play loose.
    About 2 or 3 would´ve done the job quite well, also leaves space to rewind some hands and stuff.
  • Orko1


    very nice video. thx a lot!
  • Bew4reOfn4p


    min 20:00 i think if you coldcall the JJ oop there you have to go broke on a low card flop... i mean, why would you call there in the first place if you dont plan to? my reasoning would be that you dont want to flip vs AK and can get that to fold after the cbet or let him make a bad call.

    min 40:00 i dont like those overbets on the river for value, i almost never get looked up there. that concept might be good on higher limits were people know that ur range is polarized there, but here they dont and even if they do they never really call.

    min 47:00 probably a good laydown with his huge 4bet hes never bluffing even if he has a 4bet bluffing range at all.

    min 53:00 you can never fold KK there imho, even tight regulars do very funny things on the micros from time to time in my experience. besides, why else would you play like a maniac all the time if you dont think they will adjust by playing weaker hands for value ^^.
  • fryandspicy


    awesome video.
  • Kongotto


    javascript:_VideoFactory.seek("8:00","video"); bottom right: u have double belly+ 2nd nutz FD and fold to minraise?
  • Kongotto


    ps how do I post the minute links correctly? :)
  • CBFunk



    explained via Skype, hope it works now:)
  • CBFunk


    could take some time til ge5sterne answers your comments because he´s on holidays
  • Bew4reOfn4p


    @6: ive asked myself the same question, but when you think about it... the other guy apparently already has a flush there, so the straight outs are no good... and for the flush draw alone you dont really get the correct odds. besides he might aswell have the nut flush here so you have large reverse implied odds, whereas if he only has a small flush like 7 or 8 high he might not pay you off if another diamond hits
  • Falco35


    in min8:45
    Why do you fold your J high FD and double Guter?!
    Do you think he had the made Flush, or why?
  • Endurx


    pretty bad video, I have no idea who gives him coatch i couldn't stand this video to end I belive i play better than him
  • blackops888


    It doesn't seem like a maniac to me. You are more likely a very competent LAG player, I think. Very nice video, man. Thanks!
  • coreynz


    but you cant even spell believe lol...
    he even says its not his usual style...
  • irisheinz


    you are koncentration too much on the language,so you dont have enough time to think about your game...
  • irisheinz


  • Blondi002


    he doesn't know how the flow is on nl10.. in my opinion there are a few wrong decisions which you are not allowed to make if you want to beat the limit... (overbetting his runner runner straight; thinking bout folding KK vs a obvious "Is-my-JJ/QQ good?"-bet; calling down with AJ vs obvious value bets (and jea.. i rly think that no1 on NL10 would bet/ bluff any hand that he could beat))

    on the other hand there were good plays like folding QQ vs the 4bet; his low value bets with middle-strong hands on the river; his decisions sbout weather to CB or not to CB

    imho he has enough edge against all the other regs; but not enough to beat the insane rake
  • Zach17


    AJ that was very bad call ,because Spade hit the board! And his bet was Value !
  • dicekeyrollz


    What program are you using to track stats bro? Looks like an improved version of Pokertracker.
  • ge5sterne


    @20: Holdem Manager
  • DrCheiz


  • alenstrat


    Good video, like the cbetting concepts. Solid LAG play I'd say though, definitely not a maniac for sh! As said before, yeah overbetting really works little in microstakes, unless against a total fish. Most regish players on those levels runs away from utg raises and overbets like from the devil, they are sure you have the nuts. I agree with the before comments, that the double gutshot + 2nd nuts FD were a clear call, odds were too good not to call and his range is probably Ax mostly, w maybe a weak fd, which might have even improved to two pair on that turn, so you were stacking him if you hit on river.
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, ge5sterne. Some questions for you from Russian Community.

    1) 8:23 We get 4:1 odds, against two pairs and sets we are 2:1 underdog, and 5:1 against a made flush. Why did you fold?

    2) 47:55 KJo, on the Turn we get a double gutshot, but fold to a 1/2 pot donk-bet. Why?
  • ge5sterne



    1) Sets and twopairs are fairly unlikely regarding Preflop and furthermore I would expect most villians to fastplay these hand on the flop with that small stacksize. I think Call Flop/Minraise Turn in this unraised is fairly often a small made flush. We could be drawing live against these, but we could also be drawing dead. We can't expect too much payout if we make our hand, unless villian will always call our openshove on the river. Regarding that Villian is a fish, this play could be +EV. But if we also keep in mind the reverse implieds of being drawing dead and that maybe he might get away from 8d7d if a fourth diamond hits, I think it's more than close.

    2) I think I didn't pay much attention to this spot. It would definitely be okay to either float or bluffraise the Turn
  • dlrzz


    At first, I launched it and started wondering, are you really playing everyday on NL10 because Ive seen some wrong decision. I didnt like your value bet with K9s in 27m. There is nothing you can beat there. Someone already mentioned JJ situation at the beginning. In 48m (sorry, Im not so familiar with posting minute links) at first you are saying about his range on the turn and you are completely turning it over on the river (turn: he doesnt have jack, river: he has a jack! - overbet). I looked at comments and Im not the only one seeing this. Nice, that you made this video, but keep it better next time :)
  • Absolutism


    Wow the KK vs JJ hand was really funny:D:D I laughed so hard omfg.
    Sick spot:D
  • lovriti


    : )
  • Fush


    Why you fold at 8.00 that 2. nut flushdraw and gutshot on turn for a minbet? You have to call 0,6 to win a 3,2$ so you have odds to call even with flushdraw.
  • ge5sterne


    @25: Check my response to #24 in Post #25
  • kncoker


    It was good but still he play`d very bad.
  • purple16


    Nice video. Thanks :)
  • jozata


    There were many mistakes imao but I was impressed by some very disciplined folds.
    Live play doesn't allow detailed analysis so I prefer session reviews.
  • BObamaJr


    Tried this strategy for one session. Doesn't work with 8 tables. :D
  • nemiren


    On fifth minute, isnt a river Q a good bluffing card to get him of a T?