opabumbi Live - Part 2

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $3/$6
  • Shorthanded
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In part 2 of his little Live Series opabumbi plays the stakes 3/6 on room and ongame. He analyzes his session and gives some input about turning made hands into a bluff.


Betfair Poker Live Video opabumbi Live series

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  • CBFunk


  • luvmeluvme


    [ ] ongame

    betfair ist doch eine eigene seite oder?
  • Malone32


    @ #2:

    nicht mehr
  • EddieDean


    Fierst 2 hands was dissuade... Fiiiisssssshhhhh!!!!
  • taavi1337


    Nice video.

    That river bluffraise against the fish with JT on 4-card-straight board was bad imo. You can't expect a big fish to fold any pair there. Against a TAG that play would've been justified.
  • Lecrua


    Don't like VODs and tests by this auther. Mayby on 30/60 or whatever this guy limit he plays bluff river raises work well, but in such spot on 3/6 he has zero fold equity.
  • Charlemagne


    00:36 A2s easy complit on SB
    01:52 A5o CO open raise 1/2 blind structure

    2:22 K9o SB raise
    10:00 52s BB defend
    10:52 A6o CO OR
    17:18 J8s SB call is better OOP agg passive BU openlimper and smooth BB

    19:28 dont like 86o def agg passive BU stealer

    21:39 95s can call any two suited 5,5:1 pot odds on BB

    25:00 bluff raise river w JTs rather weak decision, nthg can fold after c/r b b on huge pot odds

    25:55 K7s fold on the 9J2 brd isn't very good option here

    31:25 K3s I like to raise on the turn here.
    -ahead mostly times=value raise
    -opp is SD bounded here, because raise very good balanced by semi-bluff raises.

    31:45 u should look thru 3bet option w A2o on SB agg stealer, but not auto-fold

    42:35 that was "set" ;)

    PS be more attentive in bad runs sessions

    PSS good luck
  • Charlemagne


    Oh, I just look thru again my remarks, and should say that should advice to be more attentive by myself. Very terible and unreadable HM layout. Sorry for unattentivness.
  • Charlemagne


    first 5 remarks = false
    other = true

    And sorry for language mistakes. -_-