PLO Highstakes - Part 1

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $1000 - $2000
  • Shorthanded
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Our new coach Zacharrrr plays 4 tables of $1000 and $2000 PLO on Pokerstars.


high stake Live Video PLO Highstakes PokerStars

Comments (19)

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  • CBFunk


  • septembergirl88


  • PokerNoob91


  • suitedeule


  • steven-dev


    not entirely sure he's a winner in this game
  • kobeyard



    top right table.

    you say a contibet doesnt accomplish anything but i hardly believe that this is true. first of all the pot is already 42bb and you have about 90 bb left so twice the pot and you have about 30% equity against everything. all 3 players combined will have plenty of outs against you while each player himself certainly have to fold because his hand isnt enough to stack off. taking down this big pot right away is definitely a good thing. by checking behind youre basically torn to hit your flush or otherwise fold.

    i dont think checking behind there is the best decision. but i might be wrong
  • kobeyard


    furthermore there are quite a few worse hands that could stack off and also some better hands that could fold.

    i dont see KQT9 with k high fd or hands like this fold here.
  • BlackTempler


    def. agree to Kobe...first few minutes 3 mistakes or lets say unfortunate decisions you KK bluff on river for example :
    Pro: U got the Nut Blocker
    Contra: Flush hit /Straight hit /overcard(->twopair?)
    i dont see a bet there
  • KingDingeling2


    it´s probably not the best idea to say things like "this player" when your mous does not show up in the video...
  • dodoo


    и че как?
  • DENIS000


    good video thx
  • chenny8888


    @28min: you check/raise an aj2r board after calling preflop, sb vs bu with what i expect to be quite a loose 3betting dynamic (i don't know the actual metagame involved). what are you repping there? (sry i don't play omaha much, mainly nl.. but that isn't a board i would c/r often)

    same with donkbetting @34min. can't he profitably float very very wide? or are you balancing your donkbetting range there with some nutted hands like A8xx and some hands like AKxx (that you decided not to 4b pre)?
  • chenny8888


    all the same, i thought it was a very informative video. looking forward to more... i want to get into omaha more and more, especially deepstacked omaha (very interesting game imo)
  • theholyotter


    "junger student aus wien".... warum schreibt ihr alle auf englisch?
  • kearney


    #9 true dat
  • CBFunk


    Hi guys, will take a lil bit more time than usual til Zacharrr can answer your comments cause he is on holidays in Brasil atm
  • homerjaysimpson


    @ 5

    you can be sure his a winner of this game...
  • Zacharrrr


    taking down the pot right now is def a good thing, but against 3 players its very likely ill end up getting it in with about 33% equity and i expect to get c/r here quite a lot, therefore i indeed elected to play the hand the way you described.
    @8 I think with my image i can get away here often enough to make this +EV
    @12 yes very loose 3 betting dynamic but 3betting this hand this deep OOP would be quite foolsih and a huge moneyburner/mistake.
    I decided to c/r because he cbets this board everytime and he usually folds those boards vs me if i c/r. i rarely c/r those boards vs him and rep a very strong (sets, AJxx ABBB, JBBB) range. i agree its generally not a good spot to be c/r
    as for the donkbet, maybe this did not come across well enough in the video and i only have myself to blame, but both those spots i played according to my read on the specific player (and those were pretty basic reads). villain there was playing very, very wild preflop and i expect to 3bet from BTN about 20% of the time.
    he doesnt go crazy vs me on this board postflop (folds almost all hands that dont have an ace) and its not a board i expect him to float. i would donk my nutty hands vs this player here too.

    sorry about my mouse #9 and #15 !

    und ich komme aus wien und beantworte auch gerne fragen in zukunft in deutscher sprache ;)
  • KevinhoStar


    is there a part2?! no?