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In this video LGrant explains the difference between cash games and tournaments, the stages of a MTT and the payout structures.


Beginner How do you play a MTT Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • Ratatouille023


    thx :)
  • LX4DR


  • i5bet72o


    i completly disagree with the bubble strategy-u should be very agro b/c other people play tight. These tounies are also extremly top heavy so mincashing is not really worth it.
  • simplythebest123


    how i can dowload this video
  • geoelt


    @ 4

    i agree... dont understand why ps supports one of the biggest leaks beginners have in mtts by telling them they are right to do so...
  • Craven1977



    if you have a bigger stack aggro play on the bubble is ok, but you cant do it with a small stack cause big stacks will call you very light.
  • OnkelHotte


    @4: Please have in mind that this strategy is dedicated to beginners which play mircostakes.

    I doubt you can sucessfully steal in e.g. 1$ MTTs without having a very good feeling for the gameflow and your opponents at the table. You can not expect a beginner to anticipate against which player he can steal or not.
    Can you really confirm that players start getting tight arbount the bubble in micro stakes MTTs=?
    Thus we are currently convinced that a less agressive strategy increases the ROI of unexperienced players.

    If you move up in stakes you should of course try to abuse the bubble. But these topics apply in more advanced articles.



    @4 seeing your nick i get the picture
  • sirilidion


    @8: although you might be right that micro stakes are maybe not playing tighter ( although I highly doubt they are). bubbleling is not as bad as discribed here you only win 1.5 to 3 bi if you make it itm while shipping the mtt can easely make you 60 bi. So playing tighter then before on the bubble you suretantly will increase you chances of making the money but you don't give yourself a good chance to ship the tournament and shipping mtt's is what will make you the most money in the longrun and not many mincashes
  • forfksake


    wat a load of rubbish
  • Adam667001


    ok i have to agree with the bubble play they describe here particularly in large entrant online torneys, getting aggressive isnt respected by the donks that have a huge stack from a single 5 - 10 player all in hand for example and they wont think twice about calling a blind steal when your chip stacks are relatively the same.

    and besides, from a certain point in the torney it there is so much variance possible because of the pressure the increased blinds put on players and so being a short stack can change in a few hands and vice versa
  • andreasnystrom


    I agree with #4 and i quote from a pokerpro when I say "If I have a reasonably lage stack I would like the bubble to last as long as possible"
  • VladimirLaki


    @8: i agree...and there are so many loose players in the small buy-in MTT's and not many of them get tight around the bubble
  • Agosfc


  • eetwidomayloh


    I don't know bout you guys but shoving with AK in late stage is pretty dumb if you ask me. You play coin flip at best.

    Playin 2 or 3 hours and then shove with AK - well no way, it is a no-no in my opiniion.

    Freerolls players will just call with AK preflop and will shove with 22+. I mean it is a coin flip but coin flip that can erase 2 hours of play and for what? - big suited connectors.

    Today everyone know how to play poker and going with AK like you allready one it's just stupid. If you are short or mid stack especially coz dealears ar on side of big stacks so tourney can finish sooner rather then later.

    TT or AK what would you rather have?
    It's not a cash game so you can't reload.
  • sforzato


    Reply to #16: Couldn't disagree more... in late stage you're down to only a dozen or so blinds so AK is likely the best you're going to get. So shove! Plus, I find I frequently get called by AQ or even AJ. Against those hands AK is far better than TT. Same with against JJ or QQ. Only likely calling hands where TT is vastly superior AK is 88 or 99. Most people aren't calling shoves with low pairs unless the stack is very small.
  • Honda70


    very basic
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  • smoothazeros


    great basic intro