kobeyard meets Byron Jacobs - Part 4

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $15/$30
  • Fullring
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In the last episode of the collaboration between kobeyard and Byron Jacobs, the coaches play $15/$30 fullring FL and focus on playing strong Ax hands and how to get more value them.


kobeyard meets Byron Jacobs Live Video Multicoach PokerStars series

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    Erster :)
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    when a man loves a man!
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    Im in partnership with: "kobeyard"
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Kobeyard :) A general question for you from Russian community:

    "How can you tell if an opponent makes tough folds? How do you get such reads?"
  • Kogtistiy


    And one more question:
    "If I understand you right, you tend to almost every time c-bet in 3-bet pot with an A-high hand on the Turn unimproved. If so, couldn't you give a couple of hand examples of playing against a strong opponent?"

    We don't have the 4th part translated yet, but I think I can post this question here.
  • kobeyard


    @ 7

    you can only assume of course but you can get an idea because of folding frequencies when you know he has to have at least something (a high is often a somehow tough fold already)

    so imagine you get 3bet from bu on a QT9 board you c/r flop with KJ and bet, bet and he folds to a riverblank then you know he wasnt on a pure draw with 0 showdown value, he certainly had something like AJ or AK and made a reasonably tough fold.

    timings are also important in my opinion. an instantfold is almost never a tough fold but when somebody requests time and tanks forever and then folds he had a decision and it was either call/fold or bluffraise/fold. the last one is less likely though

    @ 8

    i dont really understand your question

    firing the 2nd barrel in 3bet pots is often good because most opponents peel the flop lighter and their c/c-range is quite easier to read in comparison to a button defend who can have pretty much anything.

    betting for a free showdown is almost always profitable in such situations.