6max Tournament - Part 3

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Shorthanded
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In the final episode of his new series AaronLambert faces the last four opponents with a 33 BB stack in a $55 6max tournament.


6max Tournament PokerStars series Session Review

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  • CBFunk


  • PokerNoob91


  • bsekuh91


    nice Video ;)
  • bsekuh91


    about your KTo hand with the openender:
    I think pushing instead of calling would be a betterline than call/fold on the tunr.
  • Lasso


    i really enjoyed ur vid. u had some nice spots and showed some nice lines. this will definately help me to improve my game, thx a lot :)
  • HariRadovan


    The Video was entertaining to watch but in min. 30 the KTo-hand was played very badly I think. Calling the 3-bet preflop is debatable but not check-shoving the flop is a very big blunder. You have 2 opponents and a hand that wins at least a third of the time by the river (the King-outs might be good). So you are getting a very good price for a shove, especially considering that there are a lot of chips already in the middle and you still have some foldequity because your move looks like a very big hand when you checkraise-shove.
    Nevertheless the video was nice to watch.
  • MAG17


    yuo fish))
  • AaronLambert


    With the KTo hand after watching it again I think my play preflop is fine. Considering I am getting great odds here and I am closing the action.

    As for post flop it is terrible. If I could play this hand again I think I would lead out on the flop with something like 40K to commit myself and make it very easy to play from that point. Calling almost a third of my stack and folding is never right.
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks for the kind words everyone
  • z4tz


    At about 21 min with the 99. Wouldnt a shove preflop be a quite good option, we have about 10 times the raise so still an acceptable stack to shove with and we dont get the problem with having overcards on the flop almost every time he flats us.
  • falkooo02


    probably the loudest computer mouse in the entire world
  • AaronLambert


    3bet shoving is fine with 99. Actually better here imo. Only benefit of not shoving is that I can get some weaker hands to give some chips away because I do look really strong here.

    As for the mouse I already produced my next video but the videos after that I will have a new mouse. This mouse came with the computer when I bought it.
  • amerced


    inspirational stuff - a tourney player who crushes postflop, and has balls of steel. i could learn a lot from some more of your videos sir.
  • FinalTableTillus


    "Defenitely wanna start accumalating chips" OH RLY? ;)
  • AaronLambert