HU SnG - Part 1

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In this special heads up series chenny8888 reviews a match played between conall88 and Simon Watt. The first part introduces the small-ball strategy in the early stage play.


FullTilt HU Sit and Go Tournaments series User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


  • septembergirl88


  • neriukasas


    wow, what's the version of HEM ? :)
  • conall88


    woot :D
  • conall88


    pronounced like con-all, say it fast though and together.
  • conall88


    holdem manager replayer -
  • madein1984


    nice vid, though I didn't get it right away, who was playing against whom. Thought you were hero...
  • conall88


    i was hero
  • IKSecret


    you are bad.


  • LX4DR


    ähm ah ah... yea ähm ... and äh.. its...i ... i ähm ;)
  • amayaner


    very good video, I really like the quality of the review and the depth of the spots being discussed. Definately one of the best videos for silver status.
  • conall88


    yeah well obv im not gonna be great, otherwise what would be the point of dissecting my play....
  • conall88


    ive since taken the advice given and improved :>
  • neonsky


    végre HU SNG video<3
  • Atomfred


    min 15: c/c c/c with kj on this board?
    id recommend c/r this board after calling pre with kjo pretty much all of the time.
    dont u think so?
  • chenny8888


    Well I wouldn't go and make a vid dissecting Trader or someone's play obviously ;).

    I like c/c down because it allows our opponent to barrel against us. C/r without history is difficult to profit from as our opponent will often shut down with worse Kx hands (probably fold turn) and only continue with better. With history it can be fine.
  • Nasstrom


    Great vid. Learnd alot. I hope you are gonna make moor HU SNG vids :)
  • pogodon


    ye i like this videeo i think conall played fine
  • GeorgeGamble


    push #3: "wow, what's the version of HEM ? :)"

    where to get this replayer?
  • lixinfinito


    Good but, tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much trash talk IMO