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In his newest video Jonathan Little reviews some interesting hands from tournaments he played, and explains the concept behind 3betting in MTT'S.


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  • FishermansFriend


  • faszanatas


  • diegohada


    admittedly one of the best videos on ps.de i have ever seen! enjoyed your analysis a lot! would like to see more about the 3 bet issue in the late stage of mtts! like when you play a final table and u have to take the payout structure into consideration! would really appreciate that!
  • Olorion


    Great movie! I learned a lot!!!!!
  • turoo


    could you make a video about how to exploit your opponents when youre the chipleader at the table/trny? that would be awesome!
  • MuckiP


    What are you saying at 1:46? I can't understand: "if you have.... you gonna win a ton of money"

  • isqueto


    MuckiP : he said fold equity
  • MuckiP


    Thanks isqueto!

    A stupid question, I just don't get it, sorry for that:

    At 6:50 you calculate the equity for the call of the opponent. There are 16.5k in the pot and the opponent needs to call 13k more. How do you calculate the 46% to break even (in this vid it's allready calculated in the calculator)?

    F.ex. at 11:10 you calculate like this: 13k more to a 45k pot, in the calculater it's: 13/45 = 0.288888 = 28%.

    If I calculate like this in the first spot it's 13k more to a 16.5k pot so it's 13/16.5 = 0.787878.

    Sorry, it's a fck stupid question, but I just don't get it.

  • OMG2020


    @ jonathanlitte 15min.: how can you give yourself 35% equity in the spot with 97o against his callingrange? In my calulation he would have to call with 40% of a 100% opening range, I think when called you have much less equity. ??
  • Gladi3


    yes you have about 25% in my eyes. But you still win chips if you calculate it.
  • JonathanLittle


    If I can make a final table online, I will certainly make a video using it for you guys, which should hopefully include lots of fun 3betting spots.

    To get 46%, you take the 13k he has to call and divide it by the 16k in the pot plus the 13k he has to call, giving you 13/29.

    With 97s, if you run it against AA-55, AK-AJ, you have 33% equity and most people will call with a few more hands than that, which will increase your equity.
  • alenstrat


    Thank you very much, really had no idea it was so +EV to play aggresive like this in MTTs. I'm the typical nit in early/mid stage MTTs :-) so I think this will really help my game progress.
  • MuckiP


    Hey Jonathan, thanks for the answer but I still don't get the difference between 6:50 and 11:10

    At 11:10:
    The actual pot is 45k and you get your equity for the call by dividing 13k (you have to call) by 45k actual pot.

    At 6:50:
    If you shove the pot is 16.5k and your opponent has to call 13k for that actual pot. Your Opponent's equity is 13k/16.5k in my eyes. So why do you add the 13k he has to call into the actual pot?

    Sorry for that question but I don't get that difference and maybe it's very simple and I just can't see the trees in the wood :-)
  • JonathanLittle


    When you call, the money you call has to be added to the pot. For example, if you raise to 200 and someone goes all in for 2000 and you have AK, you have to call 1800 more to win 2200. If you divide 1800 by 2200, you would have to win 81% of the time, which obviously isnt correct. You have to add the pot plus what you would put in the pot together to come up wiith the number.

    11 minutes in, there will by 45k in the pot, which is the pot, my 7k bet and his 20k push.
  • MuckiP


    Ok thanks a lot! Last question:
    If I have to add the money I call to the pot, why you don't do it in 11:00? Why the pot isn't = 45k + 13k you have to call --> 58k? So the calculation would be 13k/53k = 24% equity?


  • FalstaFF


    Thank you for this video. I think there should be much more videos with a particular topic that gets focused on.

    Since I'm now a gold member for the first time in 2 years, I'm looking forward to your continuation bet videos :)

    Could you make a video particularly regarding the bubble situations? I juts have the feeling that lots of guys tend to sit on scared money and thus miss out on very profitable spots. Since I think I could be one of them I'd really appreciate such a video.

  • itSmIn3z


    @Muckip: Seems to be a mistake. You can also calculate it like this to get the potodds: 45/13 = 3,46 => 3,46:1 Odds
    => 1/(3,46+1) = 0,224 => 22,4 % Equity needed

    Same as 13/58 = 0,224
  • NatRPheM


    I have a question, you say the guy makes a mistake when he calls with 8s but do you seriously never have a bluff in your shove there? I find that incredibly hard to believe.
  • Gangstahhh


    On 11:00

    I found it really weird that you really had 28% and I couldn't believe it, so I run it through a calculator
    KsKd vs AA, 88, 22, ATo+, KcQc, QcJc, QcTc, JcTc

    on Ac8c2s

    is a 12/88 situation, this is probably because an AK or AJ has 16 combos and KQcc only has 1 , you made the mistake by filling in your calculator KQc so only the Q is a club and the king is random,

    So actually if he shoves his draws (what I think he would certainly do) you really don't have the odds

    and someone who calls a big raise, dunno if he shoves with second pair, but yeah kind of a fucked up spot

    I do not hear why you reraise sometimes, I mean like around 27:00 you reraise AJo, Why? there is not really value in raise/call because he's not that maniacish I guess, there 's also not much value in reraise as a steal, i mean risking 500 to take down 225 is quite a big risk/reward ratio, and a call is also not a dream, I think I rather just always call with AJo in that spot, just because you're probably better than your opponent, and I think there's no real value in reraising.

    I'm sorry I have so much comments, really loved the vid though, just like to have some discussion about spots
  • Gangstahhh


    and a call is also not a dream

    With this I really meant

    If he calls your 3bet, it's not really a dream because youre gonna miss with AJ 2/3 times and you end up bluffing an unknown with no reads or what so ever
  • JonathanLittle


    18, It is fine to never have bluffs in your range as long as your opponents think you could have bluffs in your range. Also, if your opponent thinks you will have bluffs in your range a lot, that is a good reason to have none.

    19, You are right, I made a mistake with the calculator. I think 3betting or calling with the AJ is fine. I think the 3bet size is standard, as we are out of position and dont really mind taking it down preflop. He will call with many worse hands like JT then checkfold a lot of flops, which is fine for me.
  • vengeance77


    Great video! I learned a lot! Thank you!
  • Valsomething


    Hi Johnathan;

    After watching your video, I thought I would put the advice to the test. Over the course of the day, I tried your 3 bet strategy on 7 occassions. There was 1 fold and 6 calls. Of the 6 calls, I won 1 and lost 5 of which 3 cost me the MTT (4 of those to lower ranked hands - AT to A7, KT to 98 AJ to KQ and KK to JT).

    To be fair, I was testing your theory on $1 and $2 MTT (to mininise my losses during the test period)

    I am not writing this to dispute your theory - I believe you are right. I thought to put these odds here to
    inform the other folks to not try this on low buy in MTT because most of these people do not think in terms of what was discussed here but rather "it's only a buck" and call regardless of how behind they are.
  • neverdixs



    TODAY I gonna make this in the micromillions, i hope to win de 150k =D if i do i will give you some donation
  • neverdixs


    sorry the post is for the video maker not for numbe 23
  • JonathanLittle


    23, If you got it in good 4 out of 7 times and got 1 fold, that sounds like a pretty huge success to me. You arent going to win every time.
  • Squad77


    Quite a nice vid! However, most situations are with you having 20BBs or less; I would've loved to see more hands with a deep stack. It's kinda tricky to reraise with a deep stack, and I tend to get into trouble with those hands, as I am a little too creative in the tables :P