opabumpi Live - Part 3

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $5/$10
  • Shorthanded
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In Part 3 of his live series opabumbi plays $5/$10 FL tables on room Poker and betfair.


Betfair Poker Live Video opabumpi Live series

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  • FishermansFriend


  • fuerstIN


    Hey opabumbi!
    Thanks alot for this part!
    I struggle alot playing against guys like this HU!So I really enjoined the Vid ( not saying I like u loosing money)
    I have a few remarks:

    -Min 14: T8o what do ut think about a 3bet on the Turn against that guy becasue has about 2 BB left?You don't really loose alot more if he has you beat, but he might be desperate and ship it in with 2 OCs

    -Min 15:20 98o do u consider a raise against that Player on the River?
    Just because he is so aggressive and SD-Bound?He would call any pair he made on the Flop and Turn and you only loose to a Flush or a K and he might not even 3bet a lone K.
    Not sure wheather you should call a raise tho, coz I dont like folding to a 3bet against him.

    -Min 18:don't you think a c/r on the Turn with your turned TP is better because he would bet all bluffs and maybe Ax or Kx for free SD ( which he may call down to a donk tho) and even call the River with?

    -Min 25: I dont like the c/r with J high Id prefer it with T high or lower!coz he wont fold a K before the river and he can't fold alot better hands. However he might bluff his trash hands and you could try to pick these bluffs of.

    28:45: I think u migh induce a bluff c/r if you think quite alot and then bet ( at least thats my "experience" which my be due to a small sample) I think I'd be pretty confortable calling a c/r after you hesitated, because he donked the River before with a straight and he might even call with K high.

    -Min 32:10 What do you think about a raise on the Turn with 33 on that (safe) turn vs his wide 3betting range?

    In General I think you played too timidly against this guy(especially in the beginning)!I think there were some spots where you should have called down where you normally would have folded ( like you did) against reasonable guys!Just because he was so aggressive...
    I also think u foldet too many flops. Like when you had 2 OCs sure he fired a 2nd barrel 100% of teh time but if you hit you could c/r him and therefore risk a SB to win 2 BB on the Turn.
    I figured that to work better than folding the Flop. But again Im not sure if thats just due to samplesize!
    IN addition I think you c/r all the made hands on the flop and not c/c c/r so its kinda unbalanced when you call the flop imo

    Ah and btw ur name in the title is wrong ;)

    I would really appreciate it if you could try to answer at least a few questions tho its very long!
    Thanks :)
  • opabumbi


    hi, thx for your remarks

    min. 14
    yes this is possible, i probably have not realized how little money he had left

    min. 15
    since im not sure what to do to a 3bet, i prefer not to raise. if im playing an guy i would no what to do against a raise would probably be bettet. but u cann still raise against him, the equity is ok. but i think u should call a 3bet than

    min. 18
    i think he is so SDbound, that he is calling down a lot to my donkbet, but might make some folds to a cr.
    and also i think, i might have been pissed a pit there since he hit like god

    min. 25
    if i cant call down, it doesnt matter if he folds worse or better hands ;) its a bit of bluffprevention as well

    min. 28
    hmmm my experience is, that whenever people think a lot and pretend to have a hard time, they have the nuts ;)

    min. 32
    raise turn is way better. i must really have been tilty at the end ;)

    and i think this might also be a reason why i played too timidly. And also i dont like playing HU with 2 6max tables.
    whenever i play hu i play one table only 95% of the time, so i can stay focus. I think since i had to play 2 other tables and had to talk, i might have made some mistakes and not picked up on his patterns.

    i probably should not play HU in this videos anymore... sry for that
  • XeroHTLP


    05:18 do you c/c with KT as a default in this spot? when yes, how do you balance it?