Perfecting Preflop Play - Part 1

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  • NL BSS
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In his debuting instructional video series for Pokerstrategy, mbml focuses on preflop concepts. The first part of the series focuses on single-raised and unraised pots.


Perfecting Preflop Play series Theory Video

Comments (25)

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  • FishermansFriend


  • Artelkin


    Ребят, большая просьба - переведите на русский пожалуйста!
  • ukcoolcat


    доверите русскому для того чтобы быть тупоумно
  • pinkuzid


  • miajulia


    oh my God, какой акцент!!! невозможно воспринимать информацию.
    можно ли перевести? крайне важная тема
  • TwiceT


    yeah, galvin in tha house. very good theory vid imo.

    but why didnt u tell ppl your stats and how u play? u have different ranges for your own playing style, dont u? a bit more on the laggy side :P
  • i5bet72o


    mbml, nice first vid
  • Kartoffan


    India community?
  • oedipa


    nice video
  • mbml


    @all: thanks for feedback

    @Comments on my accent: I'm from singapore and I'm a Chines, not indian but we sound funny to foreigners in general (or maybe it's just me)

    @TwiceT: yeah I guess I should explain. i try to play tighter in higher stakes games (esp OOP) because i will get exploited by the better players when they 3-bet preflop a lot or float/raise postflop IP. In general my stats hover around 21/18 at most stakes on average but I play really loose at NL100 and maybe 200 (20/17 for FR and 27/23 for SH), especially when I am playing fewer tables
  • Kyroka


    Having 50% equity with our range against our opponent's range seems pretty useless. I could for example take a range of AA and 72o and have 50% against a specific range. We shouldn't be looking for 50% on average, but for 50% with each hand individually.

    50% and 60% equity just to call seems pretty nitty to me. And if you suggest only calling with as much as 60% equity, you need to talk about raising for value vs calling - even realizing there will probably be another episode on 3betting, I think this episode is pretty misleading as it is.
  • ever220


    Thanks for good video!
  • lichnosam


    на русский язык!
  • samy4ever


    uhm... I was expecting to see how to calculate the optimum OR, but good video anyway :)
  • jbpatzer


    Nice video, but it's not SSS is it.
  • mbml


    @kyroka: yes i absolutely agree with you. but it's just a guideline, I cannot possibly show u the equity of every individual hand. I just picked those that have playability and are likely to be profitable.

    the overall equity is more or less to stress the importance of having CARD ADVANTAGE to make up for the lack of INITIATIVE and POSITION

    @jbpatzer: nope it's BSS, you definitely can't play so many speculative hands from UTG/MP/SB/BB when you are short-stacked and OOP, optimal raise-sizing should be somewhere between 2-2.5X as well to allow more post-flop maneuvering
  • jbpatzer


    My point is that this video has been classified as SSS. You need to get it labled right. Not your fault I'm sure! ;^)
  • Shevtshenko


    wow, was pretty sure that there's not much to get out of a preflop vid. Was wrong though, definately good stuff especially for sh games. Overall really well explained and good content especially for 30 min vid.

    I've got a question though, do you really believe that you can turn a profit with that wide flatting ranges IP? I do realize that equity is pretty much break even and position kind of diminishes the advantage that villain gets from initiative. Don't know I've never flatted that much IP.
  • tckb


    galvin is my idol
  • Dopito


    great video galvin, thanks
  • jukevich


    пока :))))
  • IMGameOver


    Nice video! Thx a lot!
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!
  • Icecaster


    After 4 years still a good video! Thank you!
  • Arnalsan


    Hey 7 years later is a good video with lot of information to think about preflop game and not a cake recipe. Thanks a lot mbml