PLO for Beginners - Part 1

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First part of the new series "Pot Limit Omaha for Beginners"'. This episode explains the basics of PLO, and the differences in the game compared to Texas Hold'em.


PLO for Beginners series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new Omaha series!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • madorjan


    #2: "Please keep the comments in English!" Well done, sir!:D

    Nice, suppletory video BTW!
  • matiapag


    nice vid ;)
  • jbpatzer


    Good video, but why does it go so quickly? I bet this video is MUCH shorter than the original German video. Please slow down. You have such a nice voice. It's not a race!
  • smokinnurse


    speed laber contest
  • paulussus


    woman's voice doesn't fit to theoretical videos at all i think (unless it's Vanessa Selbst ;}

    The general idea is the lector should know what he's talking about otherwise, sorry, it's not convincing.


    i know why she's speaking so fast ;)
  • Daltonlima


    Nice content. Beatiful voice! But toooo fast. Looks like the girl is only reading the text. Need some pauses.
  • JazBenz


    Dont know what your problem is, everything she says you can READ as well... so im glad shes speaking fast!
  • LGrant


    I will do my best to slow down promise !
  • Dodazzo


    The speed is good at all ;) You don't need to slow down eheh.

  • curlypok


    It keeps you focused, thats why the need for speed. Lets stay at 70 and dont go down to 50.
  • spaZ


    wtf; oxford english content sounds so gay!!!


    She doesn´t know what she's talking about....She is only reading...That could be improved, but technical problems apart, I do think this video is awesome to players like me that want to learn omaha.congrats!
  • ikbty


    in the articles it was told that pot limit bet = pot + 2*amount to call not 3* like it is said here
  • Huckebein


    @18: You are right, but you can define the raise as

    1. pot (pot before the bet+ bet) + 2*amount to call or
    2. pot (pot before bet) + 3* amount to call.

    I depends how you define the pot in the formula, both formulas are right, but the 2. one seems more intuitive to me, that's why I chose it.
  • donkeyrider


    a very good foundation makes the case for PLO vs NLH clearly and gave me plenty to think about good work.
  • penslinger


    Love this series.. thank you!
  • AKM247


    Nice into to PLO, thanks for the video. Nothing wrong with voice or speed imo :)
  • AKM247


  • Huckebein


    Thanks! More feedback! :P
  • hertenfels


    nice one...
  • purplefizz


    i like the speed tbh. you can pause and rewind if you missed something, but you cant make them read faster when you feel impatient
  • luizsilveira


    Are you guys serious? Too fast? She speaks in a quite slow/natural pace. I think the speed is just perfect: Not too fast, not too slow.
  • SilverDawn


    I don't like voice over artists :( No passion for poker in her voice!
  • george34


    nice voice.the (pot+3xbet)is more easy.


    i have problem with voice that girl.She speaks soooo fast
    Other way good vid
  • aXSesPS


    many thanks
  • FlyingDutchm1n


    The speed with which she talks is inversely proportional to her understanding of the subject at hand.
  • mamorys9


  • Mauslord


    the speed is perfect