C-betting in MTTs - Part 2

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In his latest video Jonathan Little goes through a series of hands played in high buyin MTT's, and analyzes whether to cbet or not in certain spots.


C-betting in MTTs Contibet hand history review thematic video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the latest video by Jonathan Little!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Fox999


  • taschendamenfalter


    good 1,
    i do like these in-depth-topic vids
  • FinalTableTillus


    i liked this format just as much as you like suited connectors in any position. that being said, i liked it very much ;) however it wouldve been interesting to see a few more spots where your opponents acutally play back at you, like when you have at least a good hand but not close to the nuts so that it's standard to go broke with it every time and how you would continue then.
    Overall good stuff though, cheers!
  • allbusiness


    i´d really like if you could do some super turbo tournaments. I enjoy like your vids a lot, best of lucks, =).
  • alenstrat


    Nice video. Would really like to see something about playing as a clear chip leader in different stages of MTT's, ie Early, Mid, Late, Final.
  • awishformore


    that being said, i would use that being said a bit less often
  • Chester20o


    this format is definytly good

    i will be really hapy if i can wach some vids about cbeting after we 3bet and get called, or 2nd barreling
  • prinzmaldi2


    "I like checking behind alot more ip than do oop with air"^^

    Sick, ur even able of checkin behind oop...
  • salflip


    Great vid Jonathan! I would really like to see push spots in a vid sometime in the future as this is a facet of my MTT game that could really be improved upon
  • 3P3


    tnx for video Jonathan, good job!!!
    Make some live videos please, with stats(if you use it) and dinamic of the table. I think it would be very good format.
  • tornquist23


    up to 8, 10 and 11
  • Exitium


    Great video, really like this format. I would like to see same as #8"cbeting after we 3bet and get called, or 2nd barreling". Also if you play in etc Sunday million and did a deep run, it would be great to see how you played to get there.
  • Rolo23


    common guys he only said it 15 times
  • JonathanLittle


    Thanks for all the comments. I will have all sorts of videos in the future.
  • faszanatas


    i like
  • TheRebuz


    hey Jonathan, great videos, I have an idea for videos

    you can make a videos where you review deep runs in MTT.
    imo members from Poker strategy that make deep in MTT, lets say like last 3 tables, can send you HH from that MTT on mail, and u will make video where u will review their play and comment how would you(should they) play in some spots.
    also HERO should tell you in that mail what reads they have on some players/villains vs whom they play certain hands and make certain plays in some spots vs them and u can evaluate in those videos/reviews did HERO had good read and did they made good plays or not
    imo those will be very cool videos where we can all see and compare the way that you approach on certain hand/spot/reads vs HERO approach and your thoughts process behind the moves u make vs HERO thoughts (for ex your play can be tighter or more aggro then HERO play, + u can analyze some spots where HERO might make some plays like stealing blinds squeeze etc and some spot where HERO make those moves but he shouldn't made them, and why.... :) i think u get the idea )
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, Jonathan :) Some topics for you from Russian community players:
    1) More live/session review videos
    2) Bluff-catching
    3) Bluffing without initiative - donkbets, floats, raising a c-bet
    4) Marginal (thin) value bets
  • SniffvsSnaf


    I like the format very much... but the soundquality should improve... alot :-) very nice work - I like all your vids!!!