Double Holdem - Beginner's Strategy Guide

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Ribbo brings you a basic strategy guide for Double Holdem. The new game-type at roomPoker.


Beginner Double Holdem Theory Video

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  • CBFunk


  • Ksushechka


    Было здорово живую сессию выпустить
  • Ksushechka


    Было БЫ
  • kearney


    Sound quality is appalling...
  • FishermansFriend


    Hey Guys!

    We have done some improvement on the audio, it should be fine now!
  • iva123


    для начала неплохо
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    very nice introduction! It's really difficult to choose the right pointcard sometimes.

    3:28 678
    I needed quite a long time to realize that the 7 is the better point card than the 8.

    But what's the difference between choosing the 7 or the 6 as the pointcard?

    If we choose the 7, we can make straights with the 3, the 6 and the 8. These are all nuttraights.
    So far so good.

    But if we choose the 6 as pointcard, we can also make 3 nutstraights, with the 3, the 7 and the 8 on the turn.

    So it doesn't matter if we choose the 6 or the 7 as pointcard, does it?

    If we have the 6 of clubs, 7 of hearts and 8 of spades on the same Board, then it would be better, if wechoose the 6 as the pointcard as there is one more card, that completes our Nutstraight but not a possible Flush, or am I wrong?

    Can you explain why choosing the 7 is better than choosing the 6? I think its just the same!?

    5:00 if we wpuldn't have the flushdraw by choosing the A as pointcard, let's say we have Ac6h4s it would be better to choose the 4 as pointcard to have 3 more Outs for a full house, right?
  • DonRaziel


    Nice vic, horrible accent.

    "not flosh drow"
  • Ribbo


    3:28 no huge difference. But it's a good habit to get into to pick the larger point card, as sometimes there might be running cards for 2 pair where you want a better kicker.

    5:00 Absolutely, with no flush draw we take the 4 always. :-)

    #8 God forbid a guy from England should be allowed to speak English for an English video. ;-)
  • nopi


    #7 .. as i said here ... Comment #34
    and here ...

    The equity of 8h6c against random is higher than the equity of 8h7s.
  • djinter


    djunk! :)
  • Ribbo


    The equity of 86 may be higher, but we cannot compare 2 holdem hands against each other since this is not holdem. We have to compare 876 with the 7 as the point card against 876 with the 6 as the point card.
    Please don't use a holdem equity calculator for double holdem, you will get significantly incorrect results with your examples.
  • Sacrifice51


    Nice Intro...well explanations!! Keep on going...good stuff!!!
  • santaka


    Nice introduction ;)
  • Ribbo


    #13 #14 Thanks.
  • ukcoolcat


    quote ribbo,'#8 God forbid a guy from England should be allowed to speak English for an English video. ;-)' unquote

    not anything to do about being english, i'm english, but have to agree, this voice just drones on, horrible voice imo. sorry ;-)
  • Ribbo


    You're entitled to your opinion, only the third person ever to say that including the 20 videos I made at Stoxpoker and the 10 at Deuces Cracked.
  • ByronJacobs


    #8, #16 Totally disagree. The delivery on this video is absolutely fine. The alleged "droning on" is actually providing a measured delivery which gives users time to absorb important information in a completely unfamiliar poker variant. Nice job.
  • ukcoolcat


    no17- lmfao @ the videos i made comment, what a clown, not really up your own arse are you.

    no18- i'm not talking about the delivery, i'm talking about the actual voice, there is a difference or are you unaware of that?

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that is my opinion, deal with it.
  • Ribbo


    Your opinion will be given all the consideration it rightfully deserves.
  • 7753191


    Ribbo, thanks from russian community!