BRM for advanced players

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In this video Lisa Grant explains the essentials of bankroll management for advanced players.


brm Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy our latest essential strategy video!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • alejgambe


    will be good one video like this but about no limit holdem
  • Sentel


    100% video like this is essential for NL! Will be great to see separate BRM strategies for SH and FR.
  • zorrodark


    +1 #2
  • datsmahname


    Video not playing... displays this instead.

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  • usun


    regarding cashing out.

    I made 2k from starting 50$ from NL2 up to NL50, never made cash outs, as it doesn't make sense on cash micro-low limits (higher priority is to move on upper level). However, I realised that NL50 is my last limit, I won't ever beat NL100 as a semi-reg due to rake mostly.

    So, I converted to MTT 5-20$ buy-ins. Rake is not a problem anymore, no need to grind. I easily bumped BR over 10k - and that was a point to start cashing out. Just take anything higher than 4-5k on BR. 1-2k a month is a solid side income for me, so no urge to move upper on limits on MTT.

    To sum up, cashing out on micro-low limits for semi-regs make sense only for MTT, it's the only game were you can have steady ROI 100%+, IMHO.