Discovery Channel - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $50
  • Fullring
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In his new series ge5sterne plays different stakes on Fulltilt Poker both on FR and SH tables. He will compare the differences in the limits and show you how to adapt to them. The first part features NL50 FR tables.


Discovery Channel FullTilt Live Video series

Comments (19)

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new series by ge5sterne!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Omarhawk


    Brilliant quality and lots of interesting spots. I'm looking forward to the second part.
  • Bobsapp10


    min 37: shouldnt the squeeze with K9s be bigger? the openraise was very small and the openraiser is deep, too.
  • Shakalis


    Quality is just awesome ! nice video.
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    great introduction: "cute little fellas like the clownfish" really made me laugh :D
    AK at the end is an easy bet/bet/bet spot against those villains imo. looking strong isn't an argument there as your opponents aren't gonna notice it and I think ur missing a lot of value with the passive line...
  • justDimsik


    вы меня извините конечно но такой англ с немецким акцентом и шепилявством - я ваще ничего не понял !
  • blackops888


    Nice game. Video quality is awesome too. I'll be waiting for the SH session!
  • Falco35


    nice,nice,very nice....waiting for more.....SH yeeeah
    really nice aggro style. education and entertainment too
  • CryingAce


    nice vid !! Thx 4 it
  • i5bet72o


    the qq hand-i instafold to a 3b
  • Salatmann92


    i really liked it :)
  • ge5sterne


    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys, I'm glad you enjoy the video :)

    I hope you will enjoy the 2nd part, NL50 SH, just as much. If there are any further questions/comments to some of the spots in the video I will gladly answer them asap.
  • Gabinr1


    At the KK hand in the end, on the river. Wouldn't be possible to value block bet ip to induce a bluff or a call for busted draws?
  • ge5sterne


    @13: Well by definition a "blockbet" will occur OOP, since IP we don't really have to block any actioon by Villian ;) But I know what you're getting at, bet small in order to rep some thin value. Definitely an option at this point, to maybe induce some spew from busted draws. At that point in the hand, once he took that line, I put him on TP or a busted draw and I felt that it is more likely for him to c/c with TP than to bluff c/r a busted draw. I thought that in his eyes I can't really have many hands to overbet the river for value with (since Twopair+ raise Flop or Turn very often and many players don't expect you to overbet 1-Pair for Value). Consequently the overbet was designed to maximize value against his TPs which will usually call most reasonable betsizes, incl. a slight overbet. But certainly a smaller bet is a good play as well since it will get called a little lighter and might leave him some room for bluffs.
  • TetraQuark


    You make it look just too goddamn easy!!!
    Great vid and to many more! ;)
  • fabioruben007


    Hi FishermanFriends....
    Can you please tell me what program you were using in the video please??
    By the way...The video is great!!!!
  • ge5sterne


    @16: If you mean the HUD, it's Holdem Manager
  • Matziano


    thx for the vid.

    at 45min u flat AK cause "we never get it in as fav " wich i absolutely
    agree (without reads obv)

    But than he 4bet against two opponent oop wich looks sooo strong for me like AK,KK+ .

    So i understand the fact that u want to keep the weakerish hands of there ranges in the game, so we flat.

    But i didnt understand why do u 5bet shove ???
    we flip AK and lose against KK+.
    and we have "only" 4bb invested so why not fold ?

    it would be very nice if u or some one else can explain me this move.
    (gerne auch auf deutsch) ;)

    gl Matziano
  • ge5sterne


    @18: IO thought there might be enough Deadmoney in there for me to profitably shove. But as you said, we only have 2$ invested and would need 44,5% Equity for the Shove, assuming we have no FE and the Fish always folds. The actual EV calculation will be more complicated, since sometimes the fish will go broke as well etc. But Villian's 4betting-Range will probably be QQ+,AK (we have about 40% equity against that range) and we should be folding here, for the odds we are getting.