The early phase of an MTT

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In this video Lisa Grant introduces the conservative approach and the TAG style in the early phase of an MTT.


The early phase of an MTT Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy our new MTT instructional video!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • RGOD2


    Even though I know all of this already putting it into practice seems to be one of my downfalls. Its great advice and I will Struggle on
  • AndreyG71


    сделайте плз перевод
  • xomut47


    #3 + стопицот
  • odd357


    i see, the strategy is good and thought-out but it 'll not help you too win enough chips for the further tournament because a lot of people go all-in at the early stage of each tournament. dont know why. tight play is not very profitable at the beginning and for the rest of the tournament (because with only a few chips the later high stakes will kill you or force you to play like a maniac). Oo
    but thats just my opinion. feel free to play how you want. =D
  • Falco35


    @5 I agree...its really hard to play in the middle stage with just about 15-20BB, because you have to begin to play PoF.
    Because when im carddead how should I get chips?!
    So(im playing the TAG style early phase) I always have big problems to reach the late phase of a MTT(live)
  • Falco35


    but its good to build a tight image and get more respect, later you can push looser
  • Luckies29


    That's if you don't get moved to another table after building that Tight image. I hate that.
  • usun


    well, the strategy depends on blinds structure and field size also.

    if blinds are 10/20,20/40,... 15min and gradual, and field size is 400+, then image does mean much first hour on low buy-ins tournament (<25$), you are going to switch tables too often.

    And it doesn't make sense to play only premium hands on blinds 10/20 with 3000+ stack. In opposite, drawing hands should be played cheaply on preflop: low pocket pairs, connectors, Axs are really the most useful hands on early stages (they have excellent playability and won't put you to marginal situations too often). The concentration of loose morons and calling stations is the highest in the beginning, and you should win their money as fast as possible. It will be much tougher to win them from regulars in medium stages.

    My usual goal is to at least double the starting stack on the first hour to survive later.

    My personal strategy for regular MMTs 400+ field, slow blinds, low buy-in (10$):
    - Early stage: play a lot of drawing hands on preflop on low blinds, no bluffs (except standard cbets), avoid marginal situations. The goal is to at least double over donkeys first hour.
    - Medium stage: tight solid play, image creation. If getting low M - standard aggressive play. Basically, ABC MTT poker.
    - Bubble ITM (30-100 people): the goal to get here with 1.5 x average stack+, be very aggressive here, put pressure on tight and fishes who might care about finishing ITM (OPR, sharkscope will help to determine). The goal is to get at least 2x over average stack here.
    - After bubble is burst switch to a very tight play. Every shorty survived will push all in here on any occasion. Just wait till this madness ends.
    - When getting closer to final table and mini bubbles of payout structure - switch to aggressive were necessary. The goal is to get at least average stack on the final table.
    - final table: again, ABC poker for MTT, all standard articles, etc. The ultimate goal is 2 first places. However, no crazy stuff if possible to overseat several shorties expected for early bust.
  • usun


    about bet sizing. The only stage when 4BB is possible - the first 2 rounds 10/20, 20/40. Starting from that the baseline should be not 3BB till middle stages. by the time of 100/200, the base should be 2.5BB. On very high blinds and quite short stacks for all people (putting pressure on shorties in bubble or close to the end on final table- last 5 people) it can be 2BB even, as it's a fold, resteal All-in or call-push all-in flop situations.

    In general, 4BB mentioned in the media should be used only for high hands with a lot of calling stages on the very first stages. So it make sense for something like <5$ buy-in MTTs.
  • usun


    >Starting from that the baseline should be 3BB till middle stages.
  • usun


    >image does NOT mean much first hour on low buy-ins tournament

  • cheers4chips


    Nice video,good comments by usun IMO.
  • eldarismo


    enjoyed only 4mins of vid :(
  • Maarteen


    I agree with usun's comments. My views on this are very much similar.
  • JazBenz


    This strategy video is how I have been playing anyway, but when you dont win the coin flips in the late stages, all the good things you did before didnt help lol
  • Honda70


  • omega21


    realy graet basic strategy for begginers, nothing fancy, just ABS, a bit struggaling with this at the moment, but with the practice of this sftuff should get it right. Thanks guys, realy godd stuff
  • Dominis42


    goood video, a lot new things for new player
  • msp3101


    thanks for helping
  • speko253