Sunday Million Review

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $215
  • Fullring
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Jonathan takes us through a hand history of a recent Sunday Million run, giving reasoning behind his plays.


hand history review PokerStars Sunday Million Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by Jonathan Little!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • jbpatzer


    Can't help wondering how many platinum MTT players there are here. Must be hard to get that sort of volume in playing MTTs. I reckon this should be gold. I'm not biased obv.
  • gehtduer


    @2: i agree. i mean its to difficult to get platinum by only playn mtts, especially if you dont play fulltime. also i think a lot of mtt-players who play this limit are only gold-status. so i would love to see this video on gold-status.
  • Ribbo


    Jonathan will reply to comments in 3 days time when he is back from a live poker tournament! :)
  • CBFunk


    Regarding the status comments:

    Out of the last 17 JonathanLittle videos only 2 are for Platinum status, 15 are for Gold. So I think there is enough JonLittle content for Gold members to watch
  • MickJuggler


    @5: this statement makes sense... i totally agree
  • invasor007


    the first hand 99 is obv ev -
  • AceGaylord


    Jon doesn't like to play the sunday tournaments too often, like twice a weak ?!! LOL
  • itSmIn3z


    Where do you see the real advantage of 3betting hands like KQ and 99? Is the initative worth so much too you? Do you see them calling with so many worse hands? As in the 99-hand you getting in a very difficult spot when you get 4bet...
  • RekopX


    i would realy wounder if the 99 is +ev the ak shows that he is not realy light 4 beting there and self if, if he 4bets ligh TT+AQ+ u are a 37,2 underdog what will be prty hard to out play self if u have position.
  • RekopX


    + if his range is realy 10+ AQ+ his range consists 50% biger pairs and 50% over cards with he have some outs on turn and river so self if he bluffs allways in that spot u lousing on the long run
  • Bjoerniboy


    horribly played. wow...
  • Kaitz20


    besides 3x raises I think you played it fine. With AQs you can´t really get away consider how aggressive you have been
  • blackbox15


    I like play of JonLittle and this video isn't exception. (besides 3x raises :)
  • Addicted2Aces


    imo the 99 hand is really -ev as already said, but the rest is really very well played
    the bustout with AQs is pretty normal considered to how aggressive u've been u cant get away from it
  • ax1


    agree horribly played
  • JonathanLittle


    Looking back, calling with the 99 is probably slightly more +EV than reraising but really, I think it is fine. You need to have at least a semibalanced reraising range if you plan on reraising a lot. You dont want your opponents to be able to put you on air or the nuts. When you 3bet a wide range, you can get your opponents to checkfold a ton of boards where they are ahead and also get them to give away their stacks when you actually have something. It also makes you tough to play against, which is a good thing.

    Since I have already reraised this guy once, I like reraising again because it adds a ton of weak hands to his calling and 4betting range. Obviously here he had a hand but he wil show up with random hands from time to time I imagine.

    I dont really think we can fold the flop. We have an overpair!!

    On the turn, I think bettiting is fairly bad because he will probably only call off when we are crushed or when he has AK with a club, which we arent too far ahead of. If you check behind, if he does have something like QQ with no club, you can peel the club to win. Finally, if he has a random hand, he might bluff the river, like he did.

    On the river, I think if he had a really strong hand he would just push. Most weak players like to leave themselves a little behind when they are bluffing. I think calling is the only option.

    All in all, I dont think I played the hand bad at all.
  • JonathanLittle


    Ohh, and 3x is bad. I was probably just lazy that day. I normally make it 2.4x or so. Thanks for all the comments.