NL1000 with insyder19

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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In his first video for the English community, insyder19 plays a live session on NL1K shorthanded tables.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first English video by insyder19!

    If you wish to have further discussion about the video, please post your questions and feedback in the following thread:

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • stahlwart


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  • FishermansFriend


    Hey stahlwart!

    If you have a problem with watching the video, please post it here and we will find a solution:

    It works fine for me though.
  • chevelle


    сделай для русского комьюти вод=)
  • kozak567


    nice video
  • trafford3


    where was you born, if it`s not a secret?:)
  • SagaraSosuke


    за левым столом BigGOGI вначале сидел )
  • stylus20


    great vid, really liked your thoughts at the AQs hand at the end where you called with Ahi. hope for many more 6max vids in english and german.
  • FriedrichF


    @55m , the aqs herocall hand, isnt is obvious that villian has the exact hand? would check/shoving instead of calling be bad? i obv dont have any history but i think he would fold a ten a lot there and has a decent amount of bluffs in his range. but mostly since he bets so small i think he has nothing better than AT (he might bet that on the turn) and i think he can fold that hands a lot, since we could play a king like that or eaven a better ten/overpair.
  • Kedrila


    На русском будет круто, хотя и по английски понятно)
  • biij


    ждем на русском)
  • Jehudas


    @ trafford3: he's definately a german/austrian...
  • iProdaction


    Записывай на русском, для всех остальных комьюнити потом переведут )
  • insyder19


    I am German, born in Moscow, lived there till I was 6, moved to Tallin for a year or so, then lived in Kiev for like 3 more years. Living in Germany now, right now in Dublin =)

    Will answer questions later this evening.
  • MaSSahas


    @FriedrichF: I dont think the opponent mostly gives up his hand when we push cause he might recognize that we would valuebet the river the most time with hands like JJ, QQ and Kx so he might persuade himself to a Herocall. If the opponent is not able to recognize that checking/pushing would be the best play I think.
    It's a question of level thinking.
  • insyder19


    The AQs hand,

    nobody will b/f the river nowadays, esp not vs me. There are just too many draws which missed where I could have went for a c/r on the turn which missed and is not c/shoving the river and VERY FEW hands that I could have trapped the turn with given the board is so wet so barreling the turn is usually the best play. So actually if we do have a boat on the turn, going for a c/r on the river is the best play unless villain is super cally, especially if we have quads given there is nothing big he can have to call down 3 streets. And as said because of the little credit we will gain for a c/r on the river it becomes a good way to play for value and not as a bluff even tho you have to be balanced from time to time.

    If we had a worse draw in this spot barreling the turn to fold to a shove is the best play by the way, given we want to win the hand right away, however AQs in this spot is the best hand often enough and has other draws dominated.
  • opal99


    Thank you for a great video!

    I'd like to see some more 2-4 handed plays, preferably if you start a new table..
  • IronPumper


    A9o - what you would do vs. an more aggr. fish which would C/Jam vs. your
    Would you be afraid that he could turn a weakpair+busted str8draw into a bluff b/c of your weak bestize and spazz out?
    Or would you always just B/F here confidently?
  • LorD231984


    AQs hand:
    Was just so sick, i would love to see more videos from you. I am fan of your playing style... I think also is the best play is c/c cos i think villian cant fold here a Tx, maybe a 9x also dont fold, so he dont fold his value betting range, and we beat his buzzted range so it was good play in river i think, and it's ok his range is face up, but we just cant make him fold : S ...

    More videos from you @ Nl400+ from different sites (FTP, party, Pokerstars)! With some flop check raise and bloff 4betting, tripple barell etc. situations... Please :)
  • insyder19



    in general, 90% of the fish is passive. so when getting jammed on this river you need to be sure he is capable of turning hands into bluffs, most dont do that. ppl are usually very suspicious of what you have and have a hand to look you up on the river. so they either think you are bluffing or you have them beat, yet they rather call than shove.

    vs regulars, you are probably better off just betting big every street, thats what i would do given we are triple barreling this board so much with air/draws. vs fish you just find out how much hes willing to pay on the river and bet that amount.
  • IronPumper


    Great, thank you very much for responding;)
  • Kogtistiy


    Hi, insyder19 :) There's some feedback from Russian community:

    "We'd like to see a video about passive blind defense (especially postflop play after a preflop call), preferrably as a session review in a replayer with HUD (HM/PT3). Also we'd like to see a video about situations, when we c-bet on the flop and get raised."
  • Kogtistiy


    Other topics to discuss:
    1) Postflop play out of position against a strong aggressive regular. E.g., we raise preflop and get called by CO or BU.
    2) Heads-Up video (NLHE or Omaha) - in Russian maybe? :) Not too many good HU-videos here, we need more.