Perfecting Preflop Play - Part 2

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Mbml shares his thoughts on perfecting preflop in the second part of his theory series.


Perfecting Preflop Play series Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy Part 2 of Perfecting preflop play by mbml!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • beatsteake


    nice tips :)
  • yomatiyo


    second =) why do I see this? Im in NL2 lol
  • mbml


    Any feedback or questions?
    @yomatiyo: you are silver so you can see it
  • Nejc351


    another great video!
  • i5bet72o


    i am interested in how this applies to nl50 FR games where many guys have a 80-90 fold to 3b stat. Would u just recommend 3bing a super polarised range like (AQ-A2, 10Js-QKs, QJo, KQo and KK+) against a standard TAG who is OOP?
  • peche025


    Another great video mbml thanks.
  • mbml


    @i5bet72o: The more willing they are to fold to our 3bets, the more we should flat stronger hands and 3bet trash. I usually 3bet AA anyway, hoping to preflop cooler QQ+/AK.

    Extreme example:If someone folds to 3bets maybe 98% of the time (lets say over 5000 sample size), I would flat 100% of my value range and 3bet only trash until he adapts.

    Also be aware that players acting behind you can cold4bet bluff if they realise you are getting too far out of line. But I wouldn't really be worried about this at NL50. It happens infrequently at NL100 and maybe with a decent frequency at NL200.
  • i5bet72o


    ya today i tried it, had a 7% 3b% and my value range was KK+ for the most part, worked pretty well for me.
  • jiocatore


    Awesome video, nice content, thank you very much for such a great produced video. Hope this series could be translated to spanish for the spanish community to enjoy.

    Regards and waiting for more :)
  • i5bet72o


    i dont think this should be silver status. This discusses pretty complicated ideas
  • mindelak


    it's not all about the status.I've got silver status I don't play a lot because of the lack of time, but I understand his concepts.
  • oedipa


    nice vieo, looking up for next :)
  • Zemnieks11


    nice one...waiting for post flop videos with c-bets and 2nd barrel stuff.
  • yomatiyo


    Well this is great! now I DO understand.. lol. If I understand this and I am in ML5... I belive anyone can. But I will like to be at 25 so can use it whit stats =)

    A donk question: if we 4betshovejamAI whit PP, why do we worry about getting call by KQ? We are ahead.. why shove AJ for balancing? To avoid variance? or to show him that we shove AJ (if he calls)?

    Sory for the fish question =P
  • mbml


    @yomatiyo: The balance part is actually not that important because I really doubt players below NL200 will exploit this. So what I recommend is just 4bet bluffing small with AJ (with your blockers) and only jam small pocketpairs.

    As for your other question, our equity with 22-77 ranges vs KQo/KQs ranges from 50.5-53%. This means that if we get stacks in, we are usually winning 1-6BB on average (since we would get back 101-106BB). If he just folded instead of call off his stack, we will just take down the dead money he puts there (which is about 8-12BB usually). Not only that, but I rather have lower variance rather than flip.
  • infiK


    Yeah, in theory everything is great... But how to figure out in the live game what the opponent's bluff 4bet frequency is?
  • mbml


    Live games is more about feel and less about actual stats due to smaller sample size of hands. Just consider/estimate the following factors:

    -Opening range (if his range is 10%, its reasonable for him to 4bet you 1 out of 4 times)
    -Your image (how often you 3bet him before)
    -His style (aggro or weak tight, how light does he stack off)
  • IMGameOver


    Nice video! Thx a lot!
  • phibi


    There is a mistake on the foil with HUD 3bet%.A range of 99+/AQ is about 5.1% and not 7.5%.
  • phibi


    but all in all a good video.thanks.
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!