SNG $11 Session Review

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $11
  • Fullring
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Session Review

Comments (16)

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  • zackdave


    sziasztok! vki meg tudná mondani honnan lehet ezt a kicsit újabb és szebb waffle card modot leszedni a partyhoz? örülök h egyre több a jó sng videó! köszi
  • request9999


    Very poor language
  • miskokvo


    poor but very easy to understand :)
  • Nastypasty


    what are you chatting about you muppet? The language is fine.. Its not "very poor" at all.
    You try speaking with this clarity in another language about a topic as complex as poker and see the response you get. Until you do that, i think you should keep those kind of opinions to yourself.
    On the positive, excellent video, very helpful./ Keep them coming
  • miskokvo


    i said i like it ... my engl. is worst
  • funktor


    The english is very fine.

    Great job. Thanks
  • Flopreader1


    video stop go stop go not nice. why dont you tell us before we start that we cannot watch the whole video. thanks
  • viewer88


    the english if fine, the pace of the video is verry low. To much pauses and freezeframes :)
  • aciddrop


    The English is excellent. You often appologise in your vids, but don't. You are great.

    The sound quality is poor. In order to listen, I had to adjust the treble completely out of my sound, then it was ok. I recommend this for all other viewers.

    I think the pauses while explaining your reasoning in certain spots is an excellent feature. This cannot be criticised, it is +EV.
  • mouse89


  • Bakitora


    nice video! I learned a lot.
    I have a question about the poket pair of 2 that you called. I didn't exactly get why you called (300) here,could you explain a bit more ?
    Thanks and sorry if it's not the right place for questions :P

  • lessthanthreee


    i liked your video, you run bad like me :(

    im not crazy about that play with 33s on the bubble, but your reasoning makes sense.

    and the other bubble with AJo was close.

    the thing i have learnt is on low limit SnGs people have no idea about bubble play and will call u with their standard 9 seat push range. ATo+ 77+ KQs and possibly worse, people on these limits rarely fold their raises and if ur not the short stack, even if its +EV it surely has to be -$EV to a loose caller on the bubble....

    but yeah, just my thoughts im no expert
  • Aquarium


    I can't see the vid in full screen. this happens in a lot of other vids =( any reason?
  • MrGroggy


    First! gutes Viedeo!
  • BigAl123456


    Isn't the AJo push bad because ur not the SS?
  • Bonifacius


    Nice video. I like how you explain your play. Sound remaind me pilot's greetings in an air jet.