MSS Advanced - Part 1

  • NL MSS
  • NL MSS
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Greyboy and Huckebein go into the basic aspects of the MSS in this video, such a: Who should play MSS, and why? What are the differences between mid-and short-stack game? Between BSS and MSS? With how many BB's do you buy yourself in to the table? When do you rebuy and how much? When you should leave the table? What raise sizes do you use? Finally, they present you two open raising charts: the standard ORC, and a looser one, you can apply on particularly tight tables.


midstack MSS advanced Multicoach serie Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy our new video about the MSS strategy for advanced players!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • PJohnson


    BSS forever.
  • SantaFanta


    Thanks ;)
  • ThaPatience


    the voice sounds like safety instructions before take off :-)
  • ipo44


    I like her voice!
  • lincristian


    no live coaching video ?
  • CBFunk



    there will be live play later in the series
  • LGrant


    I always wanted to be an air hostess ! lol
  • b3t


    translate russian plzzz ;-)_
  • MikeAK47


    She's probably reading that thinking "WTF is this I'm reading? Who would have thought poker would be so complicated!"

  • blackswan55


    for me is not important her voice, but the informations, so.....
  • blackswan55


    Allways , we must learn from others, I mean