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Jonathan Little talks about spots where you have to make a good call/fold in MTT's


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by Jonathan Little!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • musclebreast


  • Kosric


  • taschendamenfalter


    thx for another one of those excellent topic-vids!
  • TheRebuz


    -9 min 66 in CO BB shoves
    imo this is always fold here we r never really ahead in this spot and we have like 20bb behind i think our calling range here should be 88+,AT and maybe KQs

    - when giving range to villains when we r deciding if we should call a shove, what do u think is better to give a little tighter range or looser one?
    like if we think villain (who is like random to us, readless) would shove with
    66+,A8s+,AT+,KTs+,KJ+,QJ,QTs,JT, JTs, T9s
    is it better to make our decision vs tighter range like

    - btw poker strategy has a nice tool for calculating EQ and is also free ;)
  • TheRebuz


    i mean i know we loose like a 4-6% eq in calculations if we give villain tighter range, but isnt better to assume that random villain would be tight then loose in spots like that 66 hand in 9 min
  • Chela85


    I´ve always thought 2,5:1 would mean you need 28,6% equity to call and 3:1 25%.
  • taschendamenfalter


    @7 ? thats exactly what he says: 3:1 means you only need an equity of 25% to call
  • taschendamenfalter


    @6+7: ah, now i get it, well he says at the beginning your calculated equity vs villains range should be 2-3% higher than the odds (is that correct english?)
  • AssadKamran91


    Really nice video! :)

    1 thing i think is important to have in mind when you're figuring out the ranges is the BI. calling-ranges, pushing-ranges and bluffing-ranges are way different from microstakes mtts to mid or high stakes mtt.

    so hope you can tell what BI the different situations are inn next time ur gonna make a video like this.
  • JonathanLittle


    In general, it is probably better to give weak players a tighter range, unless they are tilting, and to give strong players a slightly looser range. Given the range I think he has, I like the call just fine with the 66.
  • TheRebuz


    thanks for respond

    ok i agree that vs range u r giving to villain 66 is +EV call
    BUT do u think is ok (cool/standard) to risk ur tournament live in that spot practically on a flip as u best option (cos imo u r never way ahead, most often is a flip or way behind)
    imo +EQ play is not always best play in MTT -> what do u think about this concept
  • label55


    hey Jon can you make a video on "bubble abuse" please
    gl and ty
  • Gangstahhh


    Seeing this video, I found a pretty big leak, especially with the a-9o hand (26:00) , I do think I sometimes fold.
  • JonathanLittle


    In tournaments, some plays will be + chip EV but - dollar EV, which means you will gain chips by calling but lose money because you risk going broke or lose money because of prize payout implications. So yes, there are spots where you can fold even getting good odds. When the players are very weak, you should be more prone to pass up spots where you are getting good odds when you have to risk your stack and if the players are tough, you should be willing to get in there and gamble.
  • sirilidion


    how do you calculate these presice % equity you need that pricise in game? how do you know in game how much equity you have against a range?
  • smokinnurse


    try the article "The Bubble Factor in different SnG formats" in the SNG section
  • JonathanLittle


    I generally try to figure out what % of the guys range I am way ahead of, what % I am near break even against, and what % I am crushed by, average that all together, then make a play. Obviously it is a rough way to do things but it works decently well when I have 15 seconds to think.
  • xWoodayx


    minute 40: why not shove he 88? a lot of dead money in the pot and u still got some fold equity i think. and if you get called you'll probable have the flip
  • xWoodayx


    *why not shove THE 88 i mean
  • JonathanLittle


    I dont think pushing would be terrible but when there is a raise over limps and a cold call, you can be fairly confident one of them has a hand and probably wont fold to a push. Obviously if I have no fold equity, it is an easy call.
  • vibreaza


    very nice video, thanks!!!!