Building reads using a HUD - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Shorthanded
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skolsuper plays a live session on PokerStars at the NL100 SH tables and tries to build reads using the HUD.


Building reads using a HUD Live Video PokerStars series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by skolsuper!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • skolsuper


    Since I recorded these videos I found this article by torytrae:
    which covers very well a lot of the points I am trying to make in this series and improves on them, i.e. the pyramid system for sample-sizes and (in part 2) pigeon-holing players to extrapolate their likely stats from not much data. Essential reading.

    Also I have started a discussion thread here:
  • afrika1988


    nice video,
    what do you think about check/calling the river with your set 66. no worse hand calls that shove. so i would try to catch a bluff there.
  • supeyrio


    @ afrika1988: i dont think villain is going to turn any of his hands into a bluff since he mostly has a made hand there and value betting on the river for villain is javascript:commentFactory.createComment();too thin value. while by shoving, villain gets to "bluff" catch us with his worse hands, and we get to fold his better hands too. just my 5cts
  • skolsuper


    Hi afrika, thanks for watching. I have written a (long and rambling) reply to your post here:

    I hope I made sense, I will keep an eye on the thread for replies if you have any more questions.


  • Ivikt


    That strange that we are watching video of man, who overall got no profit.
    Mb i'm wrong ?
    Now i see video and ... call with 77 against not full stacked fish at NL 100
    etc ... disgusting
  • skolsuper


    "Disgusting"? Ouch :(

    Guess you can use PTR, maybe you thought from your extensive research that I also have only played 1000 hands of poker in my life before making this video too? Shame you couldn't watch the first video and see me explain that I don't play on Pokerstars usually, I only played here for the purpose of the video where I would have zero hands on my opponents at the beginning. Either way perhaps you could have listened to my reasoning and explanation and see that I (hopefully) make some sense and am worth listening to.

    FWIW I have 2bb/100 winrate over >200k hands at 200nl-1knl 6max cash in my current database. I also have $400k in cashes in live tournaments over the last 3 years. But please feel free to not watch, listen, or comment if you don't think it's worth your time.
  • darkod80


    this is way too basic regarding stats and use of them
  • Flopper8


    oi jimmy boy whens the next vid comin oot?
  • Flopper8


    I cant access torytrae's article?
  • Huckebein


    That's the right link :)
  • freire15


    23:25 I think there isn't a profitable way of playing that TT oop in that flop. c/c makes our hand even more faced up and therefore the villain is gonna be able to play the hand perfectly, value betting when he has the best hand and outplaying us when he doesnt.
    sry 4 the bad english n hope I made my point.
  • TAGsRfish


    Thanks for your effort producing the videos and I got a lot of help from it..have played online poker(mostly mtt) for years but not until recently bothered with the tracking programs(isnt that fishy enough) Good videos for beginners in using the hud. Thx
  • W4lrusk4ne


    @6 only thing discusting here is euhh you I guess :-)