UMD Tennis Live - Part 1

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $600 - $1000
  • Shorthanded
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New Diamond producer UMD Tennis plays some NLHE live and provides commentary.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first video of our new highstakes producer, UMDTennis!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • Nosferatu89


    Es ist leider ein Systemfehler aufgetreten...
  • fcsm1589


    Damn, this juy alwyas bad bittin me, hate it)
  • lalitpatel


    Nice Video
  • Dodadodadodada


    Nice video!
    Your voice sounds a little bit like the one of Phil Ivey, which i like.

    10:30 on the top right is an interesting hand which u didn´t talk about. Can u say something to the turncall and what u give "culoi" as his range?
    15:00 bottom right ure talking about your QQ-hand and that u like to c/c on Flop instead of betting. I dont like that play at all because your opponent puts u usually on a small range u have there. So KK-JJ or TT and weak aces like A2 to A6.
    So ure telling gim exactly what u have and he is more able to outplay you. He can bet small or large, check back or can overbet and you are always in troublespots with your face-up-range. So u have to balance your c/c and have to take hands that make your range more strong or c/r the Flop more often.
    But the best play is to cbet Flop in my opinion because its balanced very well and the opponent can call with weaker hands like T8s or 56s, K high or random floats.
    So if you play bet Flop, c/c turn u invested the same but have an easier flopdecision.
    On blank turns i prefer a 2nd barrel more than c/c Turn because a c/c looks weaker the same way at is appears on the flop and your opponent has again good options and has always easier decisions.
    So i try to play c/c OOP with initiative as less as i can and try to bet rather or c/r (c/f).
    Maybe you can say something to that.

    U were folding a lot of times when u have a marginal hand like 89o in the BB to a minraise like on top-right vs. a player with no fullstack 08:25
    and 11:10 bottom left multiway.
    Its not necessary to call in these spots but i think there es some value in.

    Enjoyed your video and wait for more. :D
  • Thorsten77


    Thanks for the video UMD. Some questions:

    1. Can you elaborate a bit on your thoughts on defending blinds passively vs actively? In the video (5:30) you 3bet with T9s vs a CO open (you already had an aggressive 3betting image), while defending passively K9s against a CO open later (8:30)

    2. You check the flopped set (22:30 bottom right) which seems ok to me, but then you bet the turn. Can you elaborate why you think betting the turn is better than checking again?

    3. At 25:00 bottom right you second barrel your turned TP in a 3bet pot. Based on the stats I assume that villain is unknown so balancing is not a major concern. Given that, don't you think checking back the turn is better than a second barrel? I just don't think he has a flush draw ever and he also shouldn't have many worse aces or other kind of one pair hands in his range from which we can get 3 streets of value.
  • FloRiCha


    TOP VID, thanks
  • hazz


    so what's your turn cc range on a-high boards then? if its not qq/a-rag - do you have any?
  • Damexican


    arent you from the states?
  • i5bet72o


    fun video..u definatly sound like Ivey.
  • Xenitron


  • IronPumper


    Cool 1st vid - I hope that you will make more in the future;)



    I am not sure if I like the 2ndBarell with T2o - I mean, when you bet here this hand with zero EQ, then your Bettingrange on the turn regards to your bluffingpart becomes imo just to wide in this spot on this obv. "Scarecard".
    Seems very unoptimal to me.
    btw. what would be the thinnest here for you vs. him on the turn?

    General question:
    It seems that your are 4betting OOP to about 2x - Isn`t this to small with your overallrange b/c you will get called pretty often from Villains being IP?
  • QuadzNoGood


    Thanks, great video :)
  • Freddz


    @35:00: AKo: Don't you think that davistabluff is supposed to try is best to keep bulldog (fish) in the hand with the nuts here (by leading or just check/calling the turn) ?

    C/raising with the nuts here seems really unoptimal. So he is more inclined to have (semi-)bluffs in his range in this spot, no ?
  • guenni187


    sorry no Diamand and in english no thx.