Boomer2k10 Live - Part 1

  • Fixed-Limit
  • FL
  • $2/$4
  • Shorthanded
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Andrew "Boomer" Clayton produces his first fixed limit holdem video for us at 2/4 stakes on room Poker.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first video of our new producer, Boomer2k10!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • Tommino


    Welcome to PS Boomer, looking forward to your videos&hand evals.
    I'm interested in something you mentioned in the first hand (defemse w/ K2o around 2:20).
    You said that you would maybe think about making a play for the pot with some worse hands. What is the logic behind this? If your hand is bad enough to fold (like the K2 here), what difference does having an even worse hand make?
  • SilverEagle


    Nice Video.
    I enjoyed watching.

    Especially i liked to see how you adapted to the patterns of your opponents and how you could gain information from their plays.

  • Dollyy


    Very good video! Thank you.
    At 24:17 JJ
    1.You say you'd better donk the river. Would it be a donk/fold or donk/call against this opponent?
    2. What would be your river line, if you had QQc, donk/3b?
    3. For what clubs below J is your line donk/?? in stead of check/call?
  • Boomer2k10


    Hi guys thanks for watching and thanks for the comments

    @ Tommino

    You are correct in that on the flop if he immediately folds we don't care if he has 9-High or A-High here but the problem comes on later streets. With a worse hand it becomes much easier to play on later streets and there are backdoor draws which may come into effect.

    With a big/little hand like K-High here if it gets to the later streets we can end up in a situation where we give ourselves an inverse freeroll on the river as we can't expect anything better to fold and there's no value in our hand.

    So it's mainly a question of how the hand will play on later streets and the decisions it will give me there rather than an immediate return in which case your point is very much correct and a good one.
  • Boomer2k10



    Thanks very much for your comments.


    This is a close one, very good question. The way I would think about it is how strong I think his value betting range is vs his x/c'ing range. This guy's already proven he's a bit of a station but not a very good value better.

    So in this situation I would actually donk any made flush and I would probably fold below Tc to a raise, there's just no way he's bluffing frequestly enough to pay off a raise there.
  • Boomer2k10



    Just to expand again here, having re-watched is, given the preflop action (3-way cap) there probably isn't a hand I'm bet/folding here.

    Bet 3-betting QQ is probably a little thin due to the fact he opened in the CO so will have most Ac combos in his range but I wouldn't say it's horrific.

    However I don't think he's one for terribly thin river raises so I wouldn't expect him to raise the lone Jc, and certainly not lone Tc, on the river here and pay off a 3-bet enough to compensate for the times he has the Ac and caps us.
  • hwoarang84


    min 15: J6 on a J62 flop: you are check/calling with 2 players behind you. You say that it might look strong. But i think at this limit a lot of players would peel a gutshot with 54, 43 and also hands like KT, KQ, 6x, A7-AT, A2, K2.
    you say that you wouldnt slowplay J2 there because a 6 would counterfeit your twopair, but actually you wont get a J to fold anyway so its not really a difference. (only the fact that you could get a 6 to fold which might improve to trips).
    So i guess theres no need to protect J2 more than J6 on that board.

    Theres a chance that dumdidum doesnt continuationbet against 4 players, or at least checks behind on the turn after getting calls on the flop, so wouldnt it be better to donk into 2 players and being able to 3bet against the strong range of dumdidum. Whereas a cr turn might look too strong for dumdidum to 3bet a hand like AJ or overpair
  • Boomer2k10



    About Dumdidum's C-bet becasue it's a limped pot I think he'll be c-betting the turn most of the time becasue he's bet the flop for a reason, from teh previous hand we've seen he likes to bet when other players check.

    That said I did mention I don't really like my play on the hand overall and I do think that leading the turn is certainly an option but I think it'd just be better overall to check-raise the flop and pile on from there.

    I think on the J2 vs J6 arguement due a J isn't folding but a J does have the extra outs vs us when we have J2 like a 6 has extra outs if we have 26 so I'm slightly more inclined to go for value immediately.

    It's not really a big deal and I can certainly see where you're coming from.

    On the Strong vs Weak line on the flop it may be a case of discovering what level you think your opponent is on. This guy, you're right, probably isn't on the level that would realise a strong player peeling there is going to be mega-strong a lot of the time. I mentioned it as it's certianly something to watch out for if you see someone you percieve as a good player doing it.

    Thanks Very Much for Your comments, very much appreciated.
  • overson


    In the last hand, with such a good read, why would you call the turn with 13.6% equity when you need 20% direct or 16% implied odds that you expected and got(plus it is vs a utg range of about 16%)?

    This video had some good and well explained spots for the most part, thanks.

    2 things I see as valuable would be how to develop and use reads as quickly as possible. And best play in the most common situations. Also possible goals of betting lines, then application.

    Also for videos to see, I think the mindset switch from ok or bad play to good play should be highlighted to help players improve. One way might be to discuss hands with a player that could improve and highlight common ways to improve.
  • Boomer2k10


    With the player sitting out his open raise is actually from the Cutoff so his range is wider. Combined with the fact this is an easy board to barrell twice I would say that it's very possible I'm still ahead here, so combine that with outs to improve vs a PP I think peeling the turn is ok. It's certainly not a huge error, especially when our hand is as under-represented as it is.

    Thank-you for your feedback, I'll take it all into consideration.
  • wuerstchenwilli


    24:43 I have big problems in calling the Flop, because: Which card does us help? We do have a BDFD but with one diamond he might hits his FD. The same with an Ace. He might completes his OESD. So the only thing we can do (except on 2 diamonds) is ccT ccR and hope he is on a bluff. Same with a 9. We often improve but than are dominated by OESDs an better Pairs.
    And: We will nearly ALWAYS call the Turn because with a J we have an OESD ourself. so we never get out off the Hand. Very expensive I think.The only card we could find a fold might be a K non diamond.
  • jini


    great video Ty.
  • fuerstIN


    Hey Boomer2k10!
    Nice Video :)

    Just watched a vid on DC with youa few days ago and liked that aswell and therefore was really pleased to see you making Vids over here!

    Min 32:20 with AKo what do you this of 3betting in position and checking back the Turn unimproved, or betting the Turn and checking behind the River ui?
    Elkim raised A4o ip b4 after posting and check-callingon in MP2 on K8s5s and then betting a 6 and checking a 4s.
    I think that guys like this can donk alot on boards like that so I'm inclined to not give them that much respekt on a donk on that kind of board. IN addition to that I think Dumdidum was pretty agressive on the Flop raising quite a bit after getting bet into,so he might aswell do that with a pretty weak hand considering he might know Elkim abit better than you do,coz apparatnly he's a reg...
    Hence even against a Q we have alot of outs adn he's probably not capping unless he has a Monster. I would prefer it with a spade Backdoordraw to an CC tho!

    But that might aswell be way too much ifs, still would be interested what you think about that :)

    Min 44 what hands would you consider to 3bet from the BB then?!Hands like T9s,JTs,QJs
    especially against this guy, do you intend to c/r an unimproved A high at all or prefer a Calldown or maybe even c/c c/c d ( obv with your stronger A highs like AQ, Ak or AJ if you not c/r for value)?

    Otherwise good Video and I'm really looking forward for your following Vids!
    Would it be possible for you to record some action on 3/6 or 5/T and maybe on some Site like Stars, where you have some more reads on teh Oppenents?
    Maybe even game-creating as long as you still do that.
    ( I know thats alot but if thats not possible thats ok too!)
  • Boomer2k10


    The thing is we are in a blind battle here vs someone with the ability to 3-bet (we saw him 3-bet 88 earlier) so I am actually writing AQ/AT out of his range almost completely meaning our Ace is almost always good.

    Also it means we can write some Q's and T's out of his range so the likelihood of us having the best hand goes up and we are drawing well vs a 3 unless he has precisely A3.

    Doing a quick equilator, vs a range of reasonable Q's, T's, some 3's (of which there aren;t many), 33, and draws we can have 25-30% equity (Depends on number of 3's to give) here so I think folding vs anyone remotely aggressive is a clear mistake. Even vs just made hands we have a backdoor nut flush draw and a backdoor nut straight draw and a backdoor non-nut straight draw and an overcard which is good a vast majority of the time so it's be close even if our opponent promised us he was never bluffing.

    After the flop we make judgement calls about our hand and play mainly according to the odds. If it's a good board to call down do so if the board comes bad, as it does here, then let your hand go
  • Boomer2k10


    @jini Thanks, hope you enjoy what I follow up with
  • Boomer2k10


    Thanks, I wonder which one you watched....

    It's definitely an interesting idea but I think I did mention to continue I'd like a BDFD too. Also Elkim just seemed so passive at that point that I really was putting him on a made hand and if Dumdidum knows that then I could get myself in a real mess and there's no guarantee Elkim won't donk the turn anyway so 3-betting for a freebie could get very expensive. That said I like the idea and with a BDFD I certianly would have continued and maybe 3-betting then becomes a superior line, although checking the turn does turn us face up somewhat.

    Re: 3-betting from the BB

    The line I'd take w/ A-high depends a lot on my opponent, if he's hyper-SD bound and the board warrants it then yes I will x/r and value bet good A-high's down for value. If he's a guy who'll just 3-barrell come what may I'll gain value from inducing a bluff. Vs a standard TAG it can be tricky but then you have to play on board texture, if it's one where you have a lot of bluffs in your range there's no harm in x/r AK/AQ-high for value and you may even get a bet-3-bet in on the turn should an Ace fall.

    Hope that's answered those questions for you :)

    I will definitely be doing 3/6 videos, 5/T may be a little further in the future, for the moment I've agreed to do the 3/6 and below vids but if the videos go over well and there's demand I'm certainly open to producing 5/T content in the future.

    Game creation is certainly something I'll be looking into for future videos.

    Stars vids are on the backburner at the moment becasue I'm mainly playing on other sites but I can certainly see doing a couple in the coming months.

    Thanks for watching and your comments :)

    Vs a button open I'd be 3-betting pretty much all the hands you mention and maybe a few more. Bad TAGs certainly tend to play very weakly in 3-bet pots so even OOP I feel fine taking the lead with a hand I can play well post flop. If I felt the button was as good as me or had an edge on me I may revert back to a "100% call" strategy and try and fight on flops/turns rather than bloating the pot OOP preflop.
  • DrStas


    20:30 77 You said you bet/fold every street. Don't you think it's too weak to fold the 2nd pair vs very aggressive player? I think he can c/r a lot because he understands that you hit that board only rarely with your MP2 openraising range an hi is very aggressive.
  • Boomer2k10


    I think you may have the players mixed up, this guy was a Loose Passive with a high VPIP and no aggression shown at all. If he raises there he has trip 5's, an 8 or a straight always.

    Vs a more aggressive player, you're right I wouldn't fold.
  • fuerstIN


    Hey Boomer!
    Just wanted to say thanks for the detailed answer :)
    sorry for taking so long for that tho!
  • fuerstIN


    ah and Im looking forword to new Vids :)