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We present you the first video of the world´s most famous online grinder for PokerStrategy.com: nanonoko. He plays 4 tables NL400 SH on PokerStars.


Midstakes with nanonoko PokerStars Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first video from nanonoko!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • PokerNoob91


    Wow Randy produces videos for strategy? didn't knew it. Dude its a pleasure for me to be in the same poker community.And now I will watch the video =)
  • wujekryba



    U play without HUD. Do you feel comfortable playing without stats?
  • xkuraga


  • Wamaroa


    einfach nur WTF-geil
  • Justgame


    Translate for russain!
  • mazaq


  • bondzyn


    wasn't he making vids for other training site? Will he keep producing for pokerstrategy?
  • LOncleSoul


    this is only a promo vid. or is nanonoko a new coach for pokerstaregy?
  • EndWgw


    sup nanonoko? [;
  • BorisL


    will be translated by next week.
  • IronPumper


    @11: In which language?
  • bogie


    Great to have you here,looking forward to getting inside the mind of a on-line star.looking forward to watching the vid.
  • ZHIP


    #6 +1
  • AllPlex90


    #16 yeah
  • SagaraSosuke


    A 100% must see!
  • magno86


    jajajjaja que bueno

    en palabras del maestro:

    nanonoko:"samy is a pretty good player " XD
  • PokerNoob91


    @#9 +1
  • m4dden10


    sehr nice
    weiter top leute ranholen pc.com !
  • ihufa


    nice with a confirmed pokergod as video producer!
  • Peppery


    Translate for russian!
  • Flushstraightjack


    A very good thing for all the community

    Thx Nanonoko!!!
  • rumbacz


    o japierdole nokia gra dla pokier strategy
  • zlatan88ibra


    Translate for Spanish !!!
  • zaboo


    Really great, I hope that nanonoko will be coach on pokerstrategy.
  • xFishWhale


    Translate for russian plz
  • JojoDeluxe


    why do the spanish and russian guys cry for a translation? that is no shortstack content!!!
    english is a international language.
  • Heffron89


    Wooow best NL player damn im not platinum =(
  • David


    @6,22,27: Please see the answer from our russian community manager BorisL #11:
    "will be translated by next week"
  • Xenomystus


    very nice!
  • bibersuperstar


    very nice vid!
  • mbml


    best video in a long time. great job!
  • Addicted2Aces


    great video
    hope he will produce more videos for ps.com :)
  • troubler


    weeee nanonoko <3
  • peche025


    Great video, SF on video = bonus points. I hope to see more in the future.
  • kozak567


  • Kruppe


    why not CK turn and bet riv with KJ on the K65ddh 6h? gets similar value and controls pot vs 6x (and might get more value than bet-bet-CK imo)
  • NightFrostaSS


    Very nice video. If the turn on the last hand was something like 2 of spades instead and villain bet the same amount what would be your play on turn and plan for blank rivers?
  • Konti23


    Not only did you play well, but you also managed to explain things appropiately. Good work and I loved the 85s at the end. :-)
  • Wamaroa


    Good Video, but i didnt like the peel with 22 on der K47 Board vs. JinRohh, u got two Outs if behind and Hands like 85, T9, AT, etc etc (his Air-cbet-range) has imo enough equity to River vs. Or are u goind to turn ur Hand into bluff if the turn not paired the K?

    I love the play with 99, on turn most people see "huhuh FH me betz" and dont think the thing with the whole gutter and over or OESd peels from villian. agree 100% with u that we can stack Jx eiterway on turn or river.

    85 is sick hittingskills, but perfect explain and played.

    I really dont like the cbet with J5s on 223 vs Victree, i donk think many regs are folding a Hand like AJ,AQ.

    But i think one of the best vids ever here, and i hope u make some more!

  • Eke88


    Excellent vid, hope u make some more!
  • DonEscobar


    Do i need some plug in or something !??
    please some one help me whit this..
  • xkinghighx


    very nice video. thx! i rly hope to see more of your stuff.
    maybe some coachings aswell.
  • cashrules


  • clawindsouza


    Thx nanonoko. Keep posting more pls.:)
  • Ratatuj



    you have to turn off hardware acceleration
  • Vinny80


    Wow... what an amazing opportunity to get a chance to get in the head of Randy... Great great addition to PS
  • tmfinger


    great vid. It's not about you hit pretty crazy :). I just love the way you explain marginal spots. I'd like to gainsay with you about them but you really do not leave me any arguments
  • NielsT88


    @41 J5 is his favorite hand
  • IronPumper


    lol@translation: Maybe learn englisch, babies?
  • SantaFanta


  • Kojika


    He was repping the Jackson 5 !

    "Hello sir."

    Nice job mr nanonoko ;)
  • Tigreton


  • Zemnieks11


    woulf defineatly want to more videos of nanonoko for sure.
  • nwolf82


  • nafar84


    Don't leave us NANONOKO!
  • DonEscobar


    #48 How do i do that !????
  • nandoribas


    esta sim é uma ótima iniciativa da PokerStrategy. Colocar os melhores e mais famosos jogadores da atualidade para passar um pouco de seu conhecimento para a comunidade. Mt bom, parabéns PokerStrategy.
  • Dante63s


    Great to see you here!


    very clever to make the game tougher
  • alecsCQ


    sa va ia pururea pe veci, degeaba is daca nu am nivelul necesar:)))
  • zorgar


    Well im not sure, but is it possible that i saw this video already somewhere else like a month ago?
  • OnkelHotte


    @60: Right click on desktop --> preferences --> "erweitert2 should be something like extended, other, further --> Troubleshooting --> hardware acceleration -- put slider to the left

    Hope that helps, good luck,

  • styx74


    Great vid THX :)
  • i5bet72o


    wow. pokerstrategy.com is getting some awesome producers lately
  • pwnadine


  • d1my


    great video, very good explinations
  • erick222


    great video nanonoko!!!
  • Tim64


    Kudos to PS for getting the big guy to tells us how it is. Hoping its not a one time only offer ;)
  • Moo2000


    Finally a good reason to get platinum status.
  • alejgambe


    very good video
  • lsunsk


    wold you go broke if turn would be 2s ?
  • Coolpawn


    Spielt der wirklich OHNE stats ???
  • zorrodark


    great video
  • ThomasTheKing


    #73 its even for brown status lol
  • FlyingSheep


    KQo hand i dont think you have to explain in detail what the benefits of"card removal" is
  • emotv


    insane... thx randy..
  • MegaZadrot


    Wow raelly great Video
  • Renne01


    very nice vid. great explanations. go on for more...

    @79 here are some members who dont think about that for sure, so i think its ok. its better to explain a bit too much than a bit to little.
  • Kaczmarol


    #6 +1
  • donjunior


    Und gar nicht so aggressiv wie ich gedacht hätte..
    Bitte mehr von solchen Pro Videos!!!

    @ Russians & Spanish & w/e
    What about learning the world speaking language no. 1?
  • stahlwart


    just great
  • KingMexx


    Great video
  • DonEscobar


    #66 TY so much !! it works ^^


    Excellent vid !!!!!
    TY Nanonoko!!!
    I'm waiting for more ;)
  • DonEscobar


    great vid!
  • Mararat


    not bad nanonoko
  • likemoredollar


    intresting comments,good vid,more of such vids would be great!!
  • Shujee


    Sick producers lately, vGG.
  • jandsonpower


    nanonoko the best poker player in the world...
  • Eivissa


    great video.
  • beardsell


    i love this guy !
  • montoya49


    I am the only one to think it's a terrible video??? The final hand 85s, I don't know how we could play it worse... I almost fell off my chair on the minraise turn o_O
  • DonEscobar


    #98 LOOOOOOOOOOOL,wake up dude
  • PokerNoob91


    @#98 yes, you are the only one!
  • DestinationAnywhere


    Can you tell me what happens with the 55 hand at top right. It's stupid there are only 4 min of this video,at least you should let ppl watch the first hand ...
  • IronPumper


    Video is much too standard and not interesting regards to advanved players, imo.
  • LueZaS


    nice video :)
  • montoya49


    @102 If you speak french, here is a non standard video http://fr.pokerstrategy.com/video/5997/
  • backspin55


    dont know how much money he get for this vid, but its obv that he dont show us 100% of his skills ;)

    nice vid anyway.

    whats happend to the "part 1" in the title?
  • Falber


    @104: leave Kubic alone
  • IronPumper


    T9s - would you consider here to bet turn, bet River to rep some spiked Jack? (he is anyways never > jack here, usually)

    Q6s - what you think here about turning your hand on the flop into a bluff by raising?

    99 - this was a very good turnplay imo (good explantations).
    But what you do on the turn vs. a bet?
    The problem with C/R is that all his floats (like Gutshots, OCs...) will just fold.
    So a C/Call seems to be good.
    On the other side:
    Which weak Madehand you can rep after C/R flop - C/Call turn which would make Villain to continue his potential bluffs on the river?
    Maybe something like a turned MP+BackdoorFD from the flop like 9s8s or so...
    I am just not sure what is better: C/R turn or C/C turn - C/C ship AI River?
  • HuKuTKa777


    to #98 That's why he is a gr8 player and u r not )))
  • abakusschwarz


    @100 no
  • SiMoNsayZpkR


    why does he use mac?
    can you also use HM / huds on macintosh?
  • Player06


    Aweasome! Very useful video for every limit.
    Wait for a new video...
  • degnic


    IMO you should bet the turn with 99 FH. First of all, I can't really think of any other hand (except for maybe pure bluff) with which you would c/r flop and then c/x turn than FH.

    Second of all, if villain has overpair, I don't think J on the turn is such a big scarecard for him because usually people don't c/r this kind of flops with AJ/KJ type of hands.

    Thirdly with a turnbet you polarise your range so strongly to FH / air / straight draw that people tend to make mistakes in these spots. Especially when you had played pretty aggressive vs teacuppoker and taken down many pots from him.

    The bottom line is that in my opinion, checking turn in that spot looks stronger than betting. I really don't agree that you'd always stack villain if he had Jx. I wouldn't bet even AJ @ turn in that spot if I was teacuppoker. (because you basicly would have max 4 outs and there's just too big of a risk of you having FH already)
  • LemOn36


    holy sh** ! Nanonoko at Pokers Strategy?

    I am so excited omg omg!
    I will actually use PS vids now!

    ( I god DC and BFP, and there was no reason to use PS vids, but dam, great job you guys, this is huge!)
  • Alph0r


    Good video. Very clear thoughts, good analyzes and I dont think at all, that all plays in the video were standard.

    Also if this style produces such a good winrate, I dont really care about more tricky plays.
  • w34z3l


    Damn, I wanna watch this vid so bad.
  • ok1234ok


  • Lemas


    tbh just standart play mostly braindead decisions with over explanation. every nl100+ reg should be familiar with it. i know and played nanonoko and this never shows his skills. i guess the only "good" played hand is the KQo cold 4 bet but i think this play should be also very familiar with any good nl200+reg
  • Miloutre


    wicked! can't wait for the next vid
  • pogodon


    i need platniummmmmmm
  • PinoyPokerHayvan


    Love this video!!! Great play the community needs more of your videos
  • Zhano4ka69


    T___T wanna get access as a gold member
  • Max913


  • ichputzhiernur


    Please more!
    Very nice video, but way too few difficult spots.
    We need to see more of this :)
  • Rapidoman


    "der während seines Aufstiegs weder Bücher, Foren, Videos oder ähnliches benutzt hat - "Learning by Doing" war seine Devise" ...wers glaubt
  • SomGorsi


    dlaczego nie zrobicie wideo od srebra?
  • yomatiyo


    The video is ok but not spectacular =P
  • crazy3317


    wow he had a straightflush, did you guys see that? a straightflush!!!
  • Mahlzahn


    This is simply awesome content! Really good video made by a guy who is completely consistent in his approach to the game, playing solid well timed value poker! I would love to see more like this here and i really appreciate Nanonoko taking the time and effort to share his approach with us. GREAT VIDEO!
  • Mahlzahn


    Seine Analyse on point! Auch nach 7 bier und 9 Joints mein Freund ;-)
  • Saruniks


    [ ] I saw video where online pokerstars pro doesn't hit straight flush
  • gemmetje


    Thumbs up.
  • luizsilveira


    Never again?
  • luca02


    Super nice vid!
  • stajv


    omgomgomg how did i miss this!? omgomgomg
  • Dodozz


    very well played at all, nice analyse with that straight flush
    gj man!
  • Liudas20


  • NinjaG4


    can i make a video on mistakes?:)
  • zumpar


    #28 +1
  • zumpar


    @28 +1
  • shpongle7


  • RocknRollAd


    Thanks for the cristal clear analysis!
    Hope to see a lot more video's soon!
    Grtz. Ad.
  • OgreKid


    Thanks for the vid Nano! Same question as #3: how come U don't use HM or PokerTracker? Don't you think those softwares can give you an edge?
  • Heilazoid


    nice one!
  • instaflip


    2 years later its not that impressive anymore but still great and clear-cut analysis. enjoyed watching very much
  • SealP


    great video.
  • jfdezkoke


  • BibiAhigh


    maradona of on line poker
  • ledzrock


    awesome video, the last hand explanation was legendary! Thx
  • misspookie


    at 14 min in video when he checks flop id bet the flop cause he doens't have a k in his range unless you have notes he slow plays. then i would fire the turn when the jack comes off and win a bigger pot then just checking back the flop.