Daily Ninety Grand - Part 2

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $55
  • Fullring
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Aaron Lambert brings you part 2 of his deep run into the Daily 90 Grand MTT.


Daily Ninety Grand hand history review PokerStars series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the second part of Aaron Lambert's review of the daily 90 Grand MTT he played!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • yosee


    so lucky! 46 and A4 monsters)
  • aciddrop


    With the AA hand, yes, you get good odds on the river, but 7:1 for a losing hand is the worst kind of good odds you can get. When he donks there, in my experince it is never a bluff, especially so small, it is a King wanting to make sure you don't check behind the river.

    Wail, gnash your teeth, bash the wall, curse, blow up....then fold.
  • taschendamenfalter


    like both the vids, good comments on your decisions, critical with yourself in some spots, what i like most are some thoughts about "what if...".
    the AA-hand is questionable though (see #3).
    keep on producing!
  • AaronLambert


    #2: Monsters or not, playing this deep you must 3-bet lightly in position. In most cases (I'd say 85% of the time) you don't goto a showdown so your cards will not matter.

    #3/4- Ya it is simply a brutal spot that you can make an argument to fold. The one issue I have is that I think he would put in a bigger bet imo with a King or flush here. The small bet can sometimes be AQ AJ hands that want to put out a blocker bet.

    Either way it is a good discussion hand.
  • arebew


    don't you think a checkraise with the quads right at the beginning would be the better play? first because we don't represent much by checkraising this flop, and second i don't expect him to barrel us light if we check/call here. we only get value from aces (which i don't expect him to fold if we checkraise) or flushdraws (which he can stick in after our checkraise). so in my opinion we can maximize our value against these hands with a checkraise.
  • schamubaer


    yes would also fold the AA hand.
    still nice video :)
  • schamubaer


    got a question to JTs in 15:50 min
    i mean he raises 3x and and has about 7 times what he raises, makes it an easy shove for me.
    why dont you take the maximum FE and make the decision for you easier...
    you can basicly never 3bet fold there against his range if he is a "wild player" as you say
  • AaronLambert


    #6: For the hand he had I agree that it would have worked here. Raising is a good option witht he ace out there.

    One thing that works in favor of flatting on the flop is that he isn't really deep here. I think most of the time he would probably double barrel a flush draw.
  • AaronLambert


    *7 ty :D
  • AaronLambert


    #9 I like 3betshoving more after looking at this hand again.
  • ChrisDePiss


    Luckbox ;)...
    But nice Play, nice Video all over...
  • AaronLambert


    #12 ty :D
  • RogerMorales


    hey, i would ask u about the action when guy with 115k raise 15k, sb called as well as u. The flop came 447, sb checked and u bet 25k, so the pot is now 75k (50+25 ur bet), that guy had 97k left and u play bet/fold. What exactly r u represent by this bet? If u had a trips u also leadout? Imo ur bet always means exactly what u had- a seven, which u always bet/folding there, cause he can easily may had an overpair, so if that guy was a little bit clever i think he should shoved a 100% of his range, especially with ur loose reputation. Any opinion about this spot?
  • AaronLambert


    With trips I wouldn't lead out unless I know he's going to raise me most of the time (I would need a ton of hands to know this). I think a better option would be to check shove on the short stacks cbet. Only danger with that is giving a free card could be dangerous.
  • vidrata


    Interesting video, well played.
  • ok1234ok


    Super nice one
  • intothejungle


    Aaron, don't you think the sport where u open AQ UTG, small reshoves, and BB shoves, it's more like an isoshove? AA+KK would just call and hope you are going to isoshove on them I think. So you are not that crushed by his range, which I think goes down as far as 99. Yes?No? Maybe? Not worth the gamble and better preserve your stack for future aggression/leverage ?
  • globalcash


    nice video.tx
  • obrutmaster


    I like it! I recommend!