FL $0,1/$0,2 FR Session Review

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Session Review

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  • Flopper8


    Nice vid sir...
  • harleytopper


    Nice video!
  • thedahl


    I am new to mathematical poker and that video was quite helpful.
  • VinoKOM


    Great video. I'm not a complete beginner but this helped me clear up a few things with odds and post flop game.

  • Peter68a


    At last! I now know what a DONK bet is. Thanks.
  • camicio


    In the first hand he miscounts his outs, he says he has 2 for the deuce, 3 for the four and 4 for the three, but when he adds them up he says he has 7
  • colinsaces


    good video, explained odds and starting hands chart very well
  • kovibela


    So fold fold fold fold raise fold fold fold


    Very helpful, clarified a lot of things I had been wondering about. Just starting to understand the mathematical aspect of playing & this video really put things in perspective for me.

    Thanks ;)
  • mouse89


  • fun101rockets


    nice vid, i am new to FL
  • Harold1


    very helpful
  • Liquidfire89


    lol 26:55 Ace Jack-off :D
  • MrPocketSevens


    Nice video sir ... I'm beginning to play FL full-ring and I learned some important concepts ...

    I also didn't know what a donk bet was :D
  • ReyesPT


    Nice video.
    In 10th minute with that A4s you´r not in early position, you are in MP2, but its a fold anyway
  • SPeedFANat1c


    At the end with a monster draw (flush draw and straitgh draw) in flop he should raise as musch as he can according to the beginners articles, but he just calls
  • Heffron89


    Where can I find that odds and outs chart you are using?
  • WPTRay


    Good video, thank you.
  • Jasperq


    Cornholio, the video was very clear to me, I really think it would help me. Thankyou.
  • thepokerhat



    yeah i noticed to.. at around 4:00 :=)
  • thepokerhat


    How do I find those lists where there stands if you need to fold call depending on position and range?
  • Strategas21


    very nice video. thanks
  • PACS


    Thanks for the nice video. Wasn't too hard, or easy. Just started playing, but this video showed that I'm making decisions that are not all that bad :-)
    I learned that I should try to read the opponents hand more than I do now. I'm already working on the math, using a calculator so far, but prefer to think for myself.
  • Chinoboy


    Nice video. One remark in the first hand you have 10 outs on the flop not 8, because you have 3fours +2deuces +4threes +1 BFD = 10 outs so on the turn i think it would be correct to call the bet.
  • Yoghurt1973


    You got 3 outs against AdhcKs with JsKd not drawing dead. nice vid though.
  • afrimlala


    very nice video for me.
  • MicNegruSiGras


    great video
  • Janusrichmond


    You count wrong when you count outs on the first hand. Except that. good.
  • AlanMCarter


    Good video thank you - I think I prefer this type of video where you can pause the play and spend more time going into detailed analysis - even on basic strategy video's - much apreciated :)
  • futbolas69


    ja, nice video :)
  • corsc


    yeah, great video
  • sandroego


    ty,good video
  • onixzx


    unde pot gasi tabelul?
  • sirobmi


    nice video
  • ghostAKQJ


    Sunt decizii corecte
  • sarlaman


    nice video! Very helpfull :)
  • earivir


    i can't find the poker chart used in this video, i have a different one, help!
  • winaming


    weak video, fold with 88 even from early position is awful game!
  • ElvisD


  • VWDriver


    Спасибо за видео! все объясняется очень понятно! буквально разжевывается. очень полезно.
  • kingofdeath09


    Excellent video, Thanks
  • Mich4l


    Thanks for video, supported my efforts to study futher. Comments on the game from more experienced player are worth a lot.
  • Gidakis


    nice :)
  • radomir3


    ty for video
  • buruga


    nice job, thanks.
  • MPgrind


    helpfull !
  • MrBarosso


    nice vid I hope you'll make more of this
  • Vinnijs3


  • civic2009


  • Mackers202


    Nice vid,eye opening gr8 stuff
  • thorisson


    good video
  • Iamthenextme


    the starting hand chart is kind of ridiculous...

    but it's for beginners I guess!
  • ThePreacherman99


    Good video. I believe the starting chart is correct for limit poker.
  • SallyFratianno


    Hi there, I'm totally new. Great viedo, thanks.
  • IPE889


    Great video
  • Elroch


    I noticed the same important error as I see that camicio did earlier. The outs were miscalculated in the first example: there were 9 (plus the backdoor), rather than 7 (plus the backdoor). This could be critical, as it makes the odds on the turn look more attractive, possibly good enough to call when implied odds are taken into account.
  • Holdemfreakie


    Loved the video!
  • jimmy99x


    Nice jobb . thanks for the video.
  • Sniparx


    Good video, Thank you :) ^__^ Enjoyed watching this - Need to have a go at Limit Tables, and practise my Starting Pre-flop hands-chart on there, until I master it to take it to some proper No-Limit all in action :)
  • GraemeF13


    Excellent video, i'm not a begginner but i learnt a lot frm this
  • Morfeus81


    Много сложной лексики для новичков, ХУД статус офф, много решений на префлопе не по чарту ... для этого лимита надо делать видео в стиле экстра тайт-агр и с игрой по чарту, а то у новичков голова лопнет от такого потока информации. )))
  • DAIMA2


    On the first hand you had 10 not disccuntred outs 2for 2 2 for 4 ,4for 3 and 1 for buckdoor flash and at the turn 9 so you must call
  • DAIMA2


    Sorry 9 and 8