HU with Nascar1949

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $400
  • Heads-up
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In his first video our new producer Nascar1949 plays two tables of NL400 HU. He will explain his general thought process when two-tabling against a regular.


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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first video by Nascar1949!

    please keep the comments in English!
  • Fistor


    loift noch net...
  • Fistor


    "Use mouse with "Play Button"

    "That doesn´t seem to work"

  • JurassicDaniel


    Very good video. The explanation to the handranges were very good. Please more HU Videos of Nascar :-)
  • stijepo1


    I liked the video in general but didnt like the AQ hand :)

    1. Against an opp this tight I would prefer check on the turn with intention of calling the river. And when you check the turn he has to bet every KQ QJ or even AT so you still get decent pot if you're ahead, and if you're behind you save a lot of money.
    In general I dont hate your play in this hand but against this opp I think it was too much. And you had second chance to check the river, I mean there are only few hands calling your push - JJ and maybe KQ, QJ. And you're behind AA KK TT QT which he has more often concidering his thight play and folding to cb. Maybe you thought he could fold KK but I think it'a a very slim chance for that.

    2. Another question for the very last hand. When he checked the river I put him on AT right away. Do you think he could fold to your big bet there or not ?
    I often make good reads (of the hands) and then I get called with that hand which I thought he would fold so I might be having unreal picture of myself in opps eyes I guess.

    Thanks for your answers
  • fanaticox64


    the tables are to small to watch it good.

    choose in another videos an other tablesize.
  • plumpudding2701


    lol 1690 plays every one (he also plays husngs) and admitted he is pretty busto now bc of it. he used to play highstakes husngs, but started getting caught up in his succes, playing too many tables, too much ego etc. i should take his lesson oO
  • IclickButtons


    first minute: on buttom right table u fold Q4o and in the same second u fold the same hand on left table against the same opponent. pretty funny imo ^^.
  • domonox


    #8 you mean first he folded, then he called!
    but yes, its funny
  • kriim


    lol @ #6.. level??

    liked what ive seen so far, have to play bit at party to watch the full movie.. sounds pretty good.
  • bogec84


    Thanks for video Nascar!
  • benedeklevi


    great vid!
  • sailooorrr


  • podee92


    cool video!!!! i am waiting for the next one :)
  • jandsonpower


    Nice vídeo
  • Southofheaven


    very nice ;]
  • piecykowy


    FR please :)

    GG ..
  • trading


    very good,really! :)
  • Stedyeddy


  • crazy3317


  • Gabinr1


    Why isn't this video working?
  • Falco35


    Very nice Vid! I like it!
  • misspookie


    hey nascar im from poker phenoms long time no see! Love your videos!