LitleBastrd playing PLO1k

  • Omaha
  • PLO
  • $1000
  • Shorthanded
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In his first video LitleBastrd brings you some highstakes PLO action. He plays a live session on PLO1k and introduces his approach to the higher limit games.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the first highstakes PLO video by LitleBastrd!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • CBFunk


    works fine for me. just needs some time to buffer
  • AcesBreaker


    no it doesnt . It is write :
    A system error occurred
    Error Code : NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
  • Genius91


    Es ist leider ein Systemfehler aufgetreten. Wir bitten um Entschuldigung.Bitte versuche es später noch einmal
  • CBFunk


    if the video doesn´work please try the following:

    - up your cache in browser options to 200 MB
    - empty your cache (CTRL+ALT+R in Firefox)
    - Wait
    - test another browser
    - newest version of Flashplayer

    If you do all of the above it should work:)
  • suitedeule


    works fine for me
  • thureakamagic


  • Dorfzocker75


    damn hitbox...
  • Genius91


    now it works :)
  • derlai


    That cbet at 01:05 is burning money
  • theReSult


    nice one, thanks
  • gehtduer


    this guy has a winningrate of 10.5Bigbets(on ptr), and is up 1.1million over 370k hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf????????????????
    great to have such a coach on pokerstraetgy :)
  • p00s88


    warum wird LitleBastrd net in der com gefunden?
  • kaiptn


    nice vid...seems that your maingame is PLO HU...would love to see a HU vid in the future!
  • suitedeule


    thx for the video

    u really had godmode on in that video, so more videos esp w/ tougher spots would be great.
  • Wolf87



    #2 nice vid. looking for a HU vid,too
  • Vys


    I think u have to lead the turn... To get money from draws... u get money from bad straight too because he can put u on flush-draw and sets...

    is that right?
  • AndrewFTP


  • RuiBouquet


    #18 totally agree with u... I think he lost value not leading...