Discovery Channel - Part 3

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $100
  • Fullring
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ge5sterne plays NL100 FR live in part 3 of his NLHE series where he moves up the limits.


Discovery Channel FullTilt Live Video series

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy part 3 of the Discovery Channel series by ge5sterne!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • sk345di


    Interesting video, really liked the comments on the deep table. Maybe you could make a video or series about playing on deep tables? Which hands are good for 3 betting when 250bb deep, how to apply pressure in position etc.
  • i5bet72o


    i just moved up to nl100FR on stars so i am so glad this video came out.
  • himerios


    Error Code: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
  • SpiderZorro


    see #4, no way seeing the video
  • busulette666


  • manic0712


  • Zemnieks11


    #4 too
  • GosuRage


    only voice, no video
  • Pharaoh23


    kann das vid auch nicht sehen.... Error Code: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
  • CBFunk


    works fine for me

    if the video doesn´work please try the following:

    - up your cache in browser options to 200 MB
    - empty your cache (CTRL+ALT+R in Firefox)
    - Wait
    - test another browser
    - newest version of Flashplayer

    If you do all of the above it should work:)
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    @11: After following your advices the video still doesn't work in Firefox (any idea why??) but at least with Internet Explorer...
  • himerios


  • himerios


    Wenn man sich bei PS einloggt geht's auch beim IE nicht mehr (vermutlich weil das Video dann größer ist, als uneingeloggt).
  • himerios


    3 PCs: Windows XP, Windows Vista and even Linux. NO WAY!
  • himerios


    OK now it's work. Please do so in future.
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    I really liked the video!! You seemed to be playing your absolute A-game and especially with the deep table there were many interesting spots!
    Only hands I'd have played differently were the mentioned AA (betsizes) and JT (no riverbluff).

    Apart from that I'd like to know how you would play J8s (~min 48) in retrospect?
    And what line you would take in min 39 (where you had aces) if you were in Villains shoes with the following hands: nutflush / a weaker flush / a set / tp+draw???
  • OnEoFaKinD89


    sry, I obv meant Js9s (hand begins at min 47)... ;)
  • ge5sterne


    @18: I think my postflop-line is a decent one, following my argumentation from the video. An alternative line could have been some c/c bluffinduce-line, which is not necessarily easier to play and it's hard to say how profitable it is without a better read on Villian's bluffing tendencies.

    To your 2nd questions: With a non-Nut-Flush I would usually raise the flop for Value in order to set up stacks for an AI and protect my equity and get calls by Pair + Draw etc. With the Nutflush I might occasionally slowplay and hope that Villian improves to the 2nd best hand. Although you could argue that we should let him stick it in with Overpairs before Scarecards hit. There are the usual pros and cons, your line will obv depend on Villian as well.
    With a set or TP+Draw I woud usually just call the flop, potcontrol and try to improve. No real value in raising with these hands I'd say
  • dejavuh


    Very interesting!
    I'd love to watch more NL100 FR videos at Full Tilt.