Perfecting Preflop Play - Part 3

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mbml is back with another episode of Perfecting Preflop Play. In the third part of the series he focuses on blind defense and squeezing.


Blindbattle Perfecting Preflop Play series squeezeplay Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy part 3 of Percefting Preflop Play series!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Kepler10


    Great video, liked the others of this series too. I hope to see more videos like these about in-depth content Preflop or Postflop play. I miss this kind of video here. The videos section is stuffed with the same old repetitive session review thing with lots of trivial spots. This video is definitely worth watching.
  • ever220


    thank you for video
  • yomatiyo


    About calling oop: Cant we call oop vs a calling station whit hands like 66 77 9Ts ATs QTs TJs etc, and just beting 3barrels when we hit or checking if we dont and looking our SDV? they are rarely gona bet to aggresive so we can play. and just 3beting them for value whit 88+ KQ+ AJ+ (I am talking in FR NL25-50)

    About 3beting oop:
    Vs LAG oponent (Nro1)From SB Are we calling whit AJs from? that doesnt get clear to me.. and why dont we 5betjam 22-77? u said TT+AQ+. Why not 22-77 against his 75% range?

    Great videos
  • mbml


    Caling OOP - Yes, if we are against a fish I call very wide because I know I can outplay him either by bluffing at good spots or valuetowning him. I don't like 3betting 88 and 99 cause it's tough to play when you get flatted super often and you see 1 overcard more than half the time. TT becomes close. As for KQ/AJ/AQ, I definitely wouldn't mind 3betting if the guy has super high VPIP and doesn't fold anything at all, always calling 3bets with hands like KJ/KTK9/QJ/QT/JT etc. Anytime you hit you can just bet bet shove and expect to win a good % of the time.

    3betting OOP - I don't really understand your question. If you are talking about calling AJs from the blinds vs a UTG openraise or MP openraise, it is quite close. Really depends on bet size (I'm probably calling 2.5X open raise all day, more inclined to fold to 4X raise) and also his range. Probably calling against 20% range and folding to 15% or tighter.

    5betting 22-77 - Only to be used if we know villain's 4bet range is super bluff heavy in a particular spot. For example if you 3bet the LAG a couple of times already, you can probably expect him to 4bet bluff you back pretty soon (though be careful with your assumptions) and prepare to 5betjam 22-77. However, if you just started the session and you think there's no reason for him to 4bet bluff you back (lack of metagame), then maybe you might just call or fold 22-77 OOP. I know I advocate 3betting small pocketpairs OOP quite a bit but I think especially if you are in BB, you can strongly consider calling pocketpairs as well (provided you have plans to bluff checkraise or checkcall and showdown some of the time).
  • emersincanas


    que buen video very good
  • randomdonk


    best theory series ever. looking forward to ur postflop play series if u decide to go for it =)
    ty !
  • AceGaylord


    great series!!

    16:25 "15% 3-bet balanced range": Your reasoning about why you 3-bet AJo and not AJs makes no sense. If you decide to 3-bet AJo and more than willing to fold it to a shove than why not be more inclined to 3-bet AJs instead of AJo (it has about 3% more equity ??!) and also fold it to a shove
  • AceGaylord


    oops i get it :p...
  • mbml


    @AceGaylord: just to reiterate my point. AJ is a hand we have to fold if we are faced with a 4bet. So if our opponent is frequently 4bet bluffing us, 3betting AJs is not a good idea. However if he calls very frequently and 4bets us rarely, I wouldn't mind 3betting AJs.
  • legend4566


    Hi mbml good to see this series of video which helps me alot. Just wanna drop by and say thanks. Hope i have a chance to meet you up in when i visit singapore. (I play ftp in Malaysia ^^)

    One question, will your post flop series be able to view on silver status and when will it come out? Thanks.
  • duder1n0


    excellent work, great series, thanks a lot!
  • yabeva


    When I'm trying to watch this video I got the following error:

    Unfortunately, there is a system error. We apologize. Try again later
    errorCode: NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
  • IMGameOver


    Nice video! Thx a lot!
  • patszerdonk


    very good
  • DrDunne


    exactly what i needed, thanks!
  • Lunitis


    Very very nice. I think this will help me a lot. Always had problems when
    facing squeezes.
  • Laci24


    Thank you for the video!