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Mbml fires up 4 tables of Rush Poker NL 100 and offers his advice on playing over 500 hands per hour at lightning speed.


FullTilt Live Video Rush Theory Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    mbml brings you a guide to playing rush poker, enjoy!

    Please remember to keep the comments in English!
  • murschi


    error code : NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound
  • Ratatuj


    aha... next time turn animation off...
  • Schmitten


    If you want to hide ur screenname, I would recommend to hide the chatwindow, too. :-)
  • Ribbo


    +1 schmitten, :)
  • ZhiCheng


    oh, crap i got owned
  • infiK


    fold fold fold... Where is the game? Catch a set and bet 3 streets?
  • xkinghighx


    4tables rush are way too much for a video.
  • mbml


    i wanted to hide my screen name but it proved to be too tedious so I gave up lol.

    As for complaints about too much tightness, I guess i will fix it in future by playing 2 or 3 tables instead of 4. I usually don't play so tight but the action was everywhere and I timed out quite a bit.


    4tables rush are too much, and use please simpler tablelayouts, no so much colors and avatars !!
  • magno86


    nice video mbml A.K.A. " waituck " :D
  • kidzoltan


    very good video, THANKS for making it!
  • blackbox15


    Last hand with 55 very bad push
  • antoniocalado


    nice video m8...hope for another one soon.
  • Tim64


    Nice vid, loving the 55 shove at the end. I dont think he should ever fold AK there ;)
  • mbml


    Is the layout a big problem for most of you? I personally dislike racetrack so I usually stick to classic.

    @magno86: stop making fun of me :( I was doing the callouts in a rush and forgot to cover all spots. Then in the next video I realised my mistake and just gave up

    Bad push w 55: Yeah as explained in the video, I think it's kind of spewy. Not really trying to fold out AK/QQ but I would argue that my range looks like KK+ a lot. Still think that his range has a lot of crap but my read wasn't strong enough.

    About the next video: It's going to be the same thing, because I did both recordings/productions on the same day. It might get better I think, can't really remember anymore.
  • Saki13


    i like it ;-)
  • Cornie4ever


    I like the vid, too. It shows real multitabling action - good!
  • ablazer


    I analyzed my hand when i had combodraw and ch/r (it was hard hand) and i want you to tell me what do you think about this hand?

    Is it wortwhile to open Axs utg?
  • Pizzacat


    moooaaarrrr... great video!
  • Pizzacat


    also, on the next vid you should concentrate on how you perceive HUD stats..
  • geoelt


    @ 13:30, when u believe he has nothing, (as i do in this spot as well) dont u think its better to check to him another time, caus u could have played like 99-JJ squeeze/ c/c? do u think he checks behind air 2 times, or do u give him enough showdown value that he'll check behind?
    even if u get check behinds here in like 80% of the time, i think its still better to check, but just my 2 cents :D
    if u bet, i'll shove though or make a really small bet, caus halft pot and stack looks superstrong imo
  • TotalStar


    i love the 4-tabling!
    there is action and i don`t think that its necessary to explain every single hand.
    so 4-tabling means that the equity of an interesting spot is higher.
    if there are some hands without time to explain people can ask afterwards.

    do u use HUD as popup in ur regular play?

    Really great video! I love it!
  • fruktpuff


    I like the classic layout, but I don't like the avatars, they clutter it up and make it too splashy and crowded in the visual field.
  • mbml


    @geoelt: I think he is very weak so I bet small. The board has no busted draws so I put him on a mid pair which will surely checkbehind if I don't bet. I prefer my bet to be even smaller though. Pot bet probably won't get hero-called at NL100

    @TotalStar: Yes I do, I hate to have a huge HUD, I think 2 rows are enough and the less common spots can be derived from the popup stats.
  • mbml


    @ablazer: I wouldn't mind a check/raise but if the board is coordinated and you don't expect PFR to cbet a lot I prefer to donk with combodraws.

    And I like AXs from UTG, you just need to know how to muck your weak top pair when you get into domination spots.
  • DonDur


    What stats program are you using in the video?
  • mbml


    holdem manager, i like my stats to be colourful lol
  • hackbinder


    I found this video to be very helpful. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to maybe slow mo when you are looking at HUD stats and explain how the stats affect how you think. The best part of the video is the running dialogue and how you think about hands, so an explicit dialogue about stats would have been great. But again, I found this video to be very useful.
  • supeyrio


    i like the speed. 4tabling is definitely good. for those who cant keep up, please use the slow-mo function. thumbs up mblm
  • peche025


    IMO 4 tabling rush FR is fine in a video as you don't see that many tough FR stops.
  • peche025


    maybe I mean't to say.....tough post flop spots.
  • Metn84


    scheiße, ist das hart dem schnellen spiel zu folgen..

    jetzt weiß ich wie es meine rfreundin geht wenn sie sagt, das geht ihr alles zu schnell! :-D

    aber ich spiele so ähnlich, nur nicht ganz so aggro..

    Very good Vid !!
  • Metn84


    Sorry, I saw the 1st comment to late.

    Next comment will be totaly in english.
  • Lagmalix


    Any plans for a SH version?
  • Gangstahhh


    Btw, I saw (@22:00) that you opend JJ on the CO, and the BU 3bets, like the best spot in a game to 3bet from the BU, and you fold JJ, isn't that a very big leak that you just play QQ+ whenever somebody 3bets, and the CO vs BU spot, is probably one of the most spots where a 3bet is made as a bluff
  • mbml


    #36: The next two videos will be 1 SH + 2 FR at NL100 with the 4th window as the replayer

    #37: Yeah agree, but I rather make the tiny mistake of folding then to call/4bet and get owned. I think it's safe to assume that people's value range in that spot is JJ+/AK BY DEFAULT and no reason to assume people are 3betting 99/TT/AQ until we gather more reads. I think calling might be an option to semi set-mine + showdown vs AK on non A/K board but we are OOP and aggro people will definitely consider 3barreling in that spot because people rarely flat AA vs a 3bet OOP without any reads and your range is more or less capped at TT/JJ
  • randomdonk


    nice vid, got more from it than i thought i would actually. i like the way u explain ur thoughts.

    on the river in the squeeze pot with QQ (top set) i think checking is best because he may check back his pairs on the flop. if i bet i'd rather bet 15-18 to get that crying call and maybe get him to bluffshove sometimes cos it looks like a thin vbet with JJ or AT or something. 30 is too much, i dont think he calls it off a lot less than he calls a shove.

    cold 4bet ship in the end is spew imo. bu has to fold a ton and the opener is gonna stick it in some % of the time aswell. i dont think anyone is folding QQ there, even on the openers shoes if bu 3bets a lot, since ur shove in nl100 is seen as AK a lot.

    dont like leading the turn with AJ in that last hand either. u wont get 3 streets very often, only vs Jx but not against anyone somewhat solid.
    i think u valuetown urself against Kx way more often than u get turn and river value from worse.

    "ok another.. retard" made me lol pretty hard
  • giraffe1977


    love the video great work

    i just do not get the kq suited hand, you have the btn so why not raise? You flat now giving the blinds descend odds to get in the hand.

    you flop top two on a realy wet board and got raised. Why flat? as far as i know top two is hand you do not wanna slowplay.

    on the turn he donks 2/3 potsize, you say he could easily have a set wich crushes your range, but you shove with i guess no fold equity.

    I would post some more math when am back home but i think this is realy bad line.

    Any thought from your side?
  • TheGoodOldTime


    Too often bet the flop when you have nothing and bluff.I think.