johnnyrocket1 playing 3/6

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Reese 'johnnyrocket' Newell makes a 3/6 LHE video at the request of users. In it he plays two tables of LHE live whilst drinking coffee and talking about his spots.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new FL video by johnnyrocket1!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • bibersuperstar


    Hey, why are you sitting with 11-12BB at the table?
  • Rothko


    Thank you.
  • fuerstIN


    Thanks for making a 3/6 Vid :)
    DId u make another vid that will be released soon?
    I really like your Vids alot!!!
    Would be great to see a 5/T Vid of you preferable on Stars!

    @Min 11: KTo in the BB I think you should call it in the first situation like that, coz he can turn a weaker hand into a bluff especially after having seen he's pretty aggressive. Not sure if you overthink, but Im not sure if guys at the stakes ( tho he's competent !) think like that I think he much more thinks like, ok he didnt bet the T so he doesnt have an showdownable hand, so I turn my xx ( weak hand ) into a bluff
    Min 32: is it standard to CC the 3bet with 2 OCs and Bdoor FD?

    I dont know when it is but you click auto-fold with 87o on the button. Don't you even consider raising it at all or is it just coz of the fishy SB?

    Do you know when you recorded that Vid?

    However thanks alot for that great vid again and I hope u do more Vids soon :)
  • trzcinek


    Great video, maybe some 5/10 next time? Would be awesome if you made it on p*, but FTP is fine too ;)

    Besides that, do u plan to record any HU matches? Apparently you're a great HU player, so those could be really helpful ;)
  • fuerstIN


    oh yeah a HU Vid would be great too :)
  • XeroHTLP


    thank you, I liked the video
    I think that I enjoyed the first videos a bit more, becouse you were playing your homelimits and you got into more advanced and tough spots, and I really enjoyed hearing your toughtprocess in these situations.
    cant wait to see more :)
  • InsideMan2


    Hi johnnyrocket1.
    Donni3brasco here from this video:)
    When we were playing, I knew who you are and watched all your ps videos. I would like to ask you a few questions:
    1. Min 11:15
    I had A5 and checked the turn. I think most of the time vs you, this is the right play. Should i consider betting the turn with no history vs you in these spots?

    2. Min 27.37
    I have a flush and i chose to slowplay this time. Becouse you saw me raising with button pair on the flop, i was thinking that you expect me to raise every pair or better on the flop. So when i call, you will put me exactly on a K,q,j,t high flushdraw(I don't think is good to raise a flushdraw here becouse i have no fold equity. Am i correct? And i also think that is not very important to be balanced vs you becouse you don't play these limits and we will not play a lot together. I've seen you using the time bank a lot and kinda assumied you are making a video) and you will fire the turn 100% of your mp range and probably call me down becouse we had history at this point, and i seen you folding vs me in some spots. Do you think this is a bad assumption? And i also wanted to show you that i am capable of mixing it up in every spot. I will probably be raising my flush on the flop 90-95% of the time. I know this is the right play in this spot.

    3.Min 31.02
    I have a set of eights with the 8 of hearth. Should i just call the turn and check/raise every no hearth river?What if i don't have the 8 of heart in my hand. Does this make any difference?
    The problem of donig this, is that a very good player like you will imediatly know what is going on and maybe you can probably make a hero fold some of the time.
    Sorry for my english.
    Thank you
  • InsideMan2


    It's very hard for me to have a bluff on the river. How he said i would probably bet the turn with a complete bluff and hope he just peel the flop and will give up on the turn.
  • wuerstchenwilli



    why do you 3bet the UTG-Openraise with KJo in Min 29:18 ??
  • freeheelstar


    Hi jonnyrocket1,

    very good video. Please more stuff on 3/6.
  • johnnyrocket1


    biber, i sit with 12BB because that is the max you can put in a limit pot and it looks fishy, I have auto reload set
  • johnnyrocket1


    fuerst, I will be making some 5/T shortly, the next one is 10/20 also

    I agree on the KTo, certainly is fine to call, sometimes can easily outlevel yourself or try thinking at too high of a level

    yea i think the cold call is fine

    I recorded the video about a month ago

    also, 87o is a clear button fold in most games, I have recently gone through some empirical data on that, the value of opening 87o would come from the fold equity, if the SB i cold calling often it is absolutely a loser raising on the button, I'll try to explain some of that in the future when it comes up, sometimes I see stuff as pretty clear and think to not explain it but I will always try
  • johnnyrocket1


    trzcinek, I will make a 5/T PStars video, especially because I already had that request.

    I do not plan on making a HU video because I play very abstract and don't want my play out there for others to see, it's rather innovative and I try to not let it out there....however in my next video being released I play HU with a red full tilt pro for like 10 minutes while waiting for any action and trying to get out of my downer
  • johnnyrocket1


    xero, yea those will be more in depth, I want to cater to everyone so there will be a mix of my normal games and some a little lower to hit all groups viewing videos on here.
  • johnnyrocket1


    donni, if you don't feel I am likely to check raise the turn it is typically best to vbet again with A-hi and fold the turn to a check raise, if you think I might bluff the river then checking the turn has merit, but I think i'd read through the play that betting the turn becomes stronger

    2. Yea, it's fine to try and throw off people you think are playing or thinking hard thru stuff, and yes balance is overrated and shouldn't be considered when you will not be playing much with them

    3. That is tough because you can't be sure I'd bet the river, I'd just fastplay here, but it can be unique and throw me off to see that

    Also, you played very tough, keep it up
  • johnnyrocket1


    wuerst, I must have thought their range was not a typical UTG range or that I could outplay them well postflop to make up for the equity disadvantage

    free, thanks, I'll keep it up and pump some more 3/6 and 5/T out
  • HamburgmeinePerle


    great vid.

    25:20 98s why don't you bet the turn? As you say he often donks with an ace and he could call KQ so you get value or he could fold it, so you protectet against him. Same with KJ, QJ though he's never folding QJ of course, nut you get 1BB value from him.

    and th 3rd player coldcalled the flop, so I don't put him on Ahigh very often, he might have a draw, but you're often ahead I think and what would you do against a bet on Turn or River?
  • johnnyrocket1


    I think you are correct, sometimes it's easy to get scared by the ace, but if you feel comfortable bet/folding, it's usually best instead of putting yourself in the guessing game at the river. Typically you want to be the one applying the pressure, I would call a bet on later streets, I have a pair :).
  • taavi1337


    Great video, very nice explanations. Funny how you blame donni3brasco for being too loose and then raise 33 from MP3 with the words "33, easy open" =)