$55 MTT Userreview - Part 1

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pokerstrategy.com member "gehtduer" recently cashed big in a $55 tournament and asked our community to review his play. Jonathan Little stepped up to the plate, so here is Part 1 of a 3 part series reviewing the whole tournament.


$55 MTT Userreview series User Session Review

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  • FishermansFriend


    In his latest video Jonathan Little reviews the play of a pokerstrategy member in a $55 tournament. Enjoy!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • gehtduer


    hey :) id like to see my own video obvsly, looool but i dont have the gold-status... so pls pokerstrategy allow me somehow to see this vid :) or if someone would be kind enough to give me his username and password for 1 hour, that would be aaaaawsome, ive been impatiently waiting for this :(
  • gehtduer


    also im playn the midstakes mtts more than 3 times a week and i dont have the gold.status, so for mttsplayers on this limit, gold might not be the accurate one.
  • Zeezout


    I agree he should be able to see his own vid....
  • CBFunk



    didnt know it was you, will take care of it tomorrow so you will be able to watch the videos
  • gehtduer


    ok fine. thanx :)
  • Zeezout


    Nice C!
  • z4tz


    The AJs at 20.30. 3betting the agressive player. He hasnt been 3bet before. Might this not cause him to tighten up his 4bet range so we should look to raise-fold instead?
  • gehtduer


    hey guys

    i agree i played decently nitty early on, but i think i was just 10tabling or sth, so i tend to miss a few spots or at least i feel more comfortable to play tighter coz u dont know anything about your opponents.
    The AJ-hand, iwas defenetly planning on calling off, the hand is too strong to reraise/fold. i wouldnt hate a call though.
    folding the QJo ag the min3bet is too weak, i agree, but usually i dont see myself folding there.
    intresting thoughts about the QQ-hand where i reraise from the BB. I think i almost automatic-reraise when i have QQs loool... but im looking forward to avoid this mistake.

    anyway thx a lot for the 1rst vid :)
  • Kaitz20


    AKs and QQ hand seesm quite standard.
    Don´t really like flating AK utg raise and I think squeeze is better.
    - if you have been aggressive and he isn´t nit he would shove there AQ and aslo you don´t give MP caller odds to hit his set7two pair/strong draw against your tptk that you´re likely going to play for stacks postflop. Also AK is happy to see all 5 cards, rather than just a flop
    With QQ you´re really never getting away there postflop if flop is 224 or smt, so only reason to call pf is to keep in his dominated hands. Again I tihnk most players would shove there TT/JJ, maybe AQ, so 3-betting and playing for stacks pf seems better option, than just call. And if you don´t 3-bet there QQ, likely then with AK, then you also have to call with KK/AA. So I like making my 3-bet range there wider, unless utg raiser isn´t complete nit, then call is fine
  • GtMars


    Hi Jonathan,
    Do you also play 6max MTT online?
    If you do,what is the most importants adaptation you have to do compared to fullring?

  • falou333


    it doesnt work for me !
  • Jonas


    works fine for me
  • st1nson


    #10 i would always prefer the call here without reads.
    i would also call KK and AA as you say because the villain unknown UTG openraising range is too strong to 3bet/call queens there imo.against a rather bad or preflop aggressive player i would also consider 3betting QQ...
  • JonathanLittle


    @z4tz it is a tough spot when you get 4betpushed but in general, when you are getting decent odds, calling is usually ok.

    @gtmars I tend to shy away from 6 max mtts because they make it tough to play lots of tables at the same time but in general, you need to play it like you are always in late position because you are.
  • yougotfelted51


    hey jonathan,
    you talk about how you hate the 3bet with QQ against the UTG raiser. so then with what hands are you 3betting UTG raises out of the blinds? im assuming KK-AA, but then how do you balance this, or do you not attempt to at this level?
  • JonathanLittle


    I tend to not 3bet utg raisers with anything because it is impossible to balance. Against bad opponents, you can 3bet only AA and KK but obviously that doesnt work against good players.
  • Guuruu


    22:24 you said if he shoves you could easily call off. you're flipping against most of his range for a limp shove and you're going to be dominated by his AA KK's. why do you say it's an easy call off?
  • gehtduer


    because hes limping garabge allday, and especially from late position. when he shoves, hes most of the time just frustrated and shoves mediocre holdings.
  • JonathanLittle


    I would call off because, while he is limppushing AA and KK, he is still limppushing 33, 76s, Jto, etc.
  • PBurdorf


    i totaly agree dont like the qq 3 bet at all u easly can trap him in this spot and get 2 streets of valur from weaker hands